EZ-Fluid 1-1/2″ Press x Press Ball Valve for Copper Tubing – Heavy Duty Brass Full Port Water Shut Off


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This EZ-Fluid 1-1/2″ press x press ball valve is the ideal solution for quickly and easily stopping water flow in copper plumbing systems. Featuring a heavy duty lead-free brass construction and full port design, this propress ball valve provides dependable performance and durability.

The press x press connections allow for secure, leak-free installation in seconds with the proper press tool. No soldering, threading or gluing required! The valve is designed for use with types K, L and M hard copper tubing.

Simply slide the valve into the tubing and press for a watertight seal that meets the most demanding codes and specifications. Rated up to 250 psi CWP and 210°F, this rugged ball valve can handle high pressure and temperature fluctuations with ease.

The 1-1/2” full port passageway allows unrestricted flow, helping to prevent flow restriction and erosion. The bright red handle clearly indicates ball position and makes it easy to quickly stop water flow for repairs or maintenance.

A quarter turn of the handle is all it takes to open or close the valve. The chrome-plated brass ball and stem provide smooth operation while the FKM seats ensure drip-free performance. Viton stem o-rings add further leak protection.


– Press x press connections for fast, secure, leak-free copper tubing installation
– Heavy duty lead-free brass construction for durability and strength
– Full port 1-1/2” passageway allows unrestricted water flow

– Rated up to 250 psi CWP and 210°F for high pressure and temperature
– Bright red handle clearly indicates ball position for quick on/off control
– Quarter turn open/close operation for fast water shut off
– Chrome-plated ball and brass stem for smooth, drip-free performance
– FKM seats and Viton stem o-rings prevent leaks
– IAPMO listed and NSF 61-G certified lead-free compliant


This EZ-Fluid press x press ball valve is ideal for residential and commercial potable water systems. Use it as an isolation valve for water heaters, washing machines, ice makers, drinking fountains, sinks, irrigation systems, and any 1-1/2” copper plumbing application requiring reliable on/off control.

The lead-free brass and NSF/ANSI 61-G certification make it perfect for installations where health and safety are a top concern.


Installation is quick and easy with the proper propress copper tubing press tool.

1. Slide nut onto copper tubing and insert tubing fully into valve until it hits the stop.
2. Position valve and tubing in press tool and press connection.
3. Repeat for other tube connection.

No soldering, gluing or threading required. The press connections form a secure, watertight seal in seconds.


– Size: 1-1/2″ Press x Press
– Material: Lead-Free Brass
– Pressure Rating: 250 psi CWP

– Temperature Rating: 210°F
– Connection Type: Press

– Port Type: Full Port
– Certifications: IAPMO Listed, NSF/ANSI 61-G Certified

With its heavy duty brass construction, full port design and press connections, this EZ-Fluid 1-1/2″ propress ball valve is built to provide years of trouble-free performance. Quickly stop and start water flow with just a quarter turn of the handle.

Order today and see why pros trust EZ-Fluid for their plumbing valve needs! We also offer outstanding customer service and support if any issues arise with your valve.


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