Emsco Group 1334-1 Workforce Round Point Shovel – Heavy Duty Yard & Garden Tool with Long Wood Handle


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Dig into yard work and landscaping projects with the durable Emsco Group 1334-1 Workforce Round Point Shovel. This heavy-duty shovel features a robust 16-gauge steel blade and 48” wood handle that can stand up to demanding outdoor jobs.

Sturdy 48” Hardwood Handle

The extra-long 48” handle gives you extended reach and leverage to scoop and move dirt, mulch, gravel and more. Made from sturdy hardwood, the handle resists splintering, warping, chipping, and splitting. No need to worry about the handle cracking or breaking as you bear down on the blade. The smooth sanded wood also provides a comfortable grip.

Rust-Resistant 16 Gauge Steel Blade

The round point blade is crafted from 16 gauge steel for enhanced strength and durability. It won’t bend, warp or crack under heavy loads. The steel features a black powder coated finish to prevent rusting and corrosion. Even after seasons of use and exposure to the elements, the blade maintains its integrity.

Measuring 9.5” across, the generous blade capacity allows you to scoop and move large amounts of material in one go. The round edge design makes digging into compacted soil and dirt simple.

Weather-Resistant & Built To Last

This round point shovel is made by Emsco Group, a leader in lawn and garden tools. All Emsco Workforce tools are constructed to withstand tough outdoor conditions while delivering reliable performance.

The weather-resistant wooden handle and rust-proof steel blade hold up well through rain, snow, and exposure to moisture. You can count on this shovel to deliver top performance year after year without warping, splintering or degrading.

Ideal for Yard Work, Landscaping & Construction Jobs

This rugged shovel is perfectly suited for heavy-duty yard and landscaping tasks:

  • Digging holes for planting trees, shrubs, & flowers
  • Breaking up compacted ground
  • Leveling soil
  • Mixing soil, fertilizer, and compost into gardens
  • Spreading gravel, mulch, and compost
  • Moving dirt, rocks, and debris
  • Digging drainage trenches
  • Clearing snow
  • Mixing cement and concrete

The round point blade easily penetrates densely packed earth, while the wide blade design lets you scoop and toss large loads.

Whether you’re preparing new garden beds, mixing planting soil, installing stone patios, or tackling construction jobs, this rugged shovel makes the work go faster. The ergonomic long handle reduces back strain, while the durable construction stands up to repeated heavy use.

Designed for Strength & Comfort

In addition to the weather-resistant wood and steel construction, several design features make this an optimal shovel for tackling big projects:

  • Extended handle length – 48″ handle provides two-handed leverage and avoids back strain
  • Lightweight balanced design – Weighs just 5 pounds for easy control and less fatigue
  • Round, flattened blade tip – Slices into dense soil easily with rounded tip that won’t get stuck
  • Wide blade capacity – 9.5″ blade scoops and tosses large volumes of material
  • Black powder coated blade – Prevents rust for extended life
  • Smooth sanded wood grip – Provides a comfortable secure handhold

This round point shovel combines thoughtful design, rugged materials, and precision construction to deliver reliable performance season after season.

Emsco Group Quality

Emsco Group has been creating high-quality lawn and garden tools for over 50 years. All Emsco tools are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards for durability and usability.

This round point shovel carries a limited lifetime warranty. It’s a worthwhile investment for homeowners, landscapers, and construction workers who need a hardworking shovel built to endure.

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Dig into your next landscaping or home improvement project with the Emsco Group 1334-1 Workforce Round Point Shovel. This rugged shovel features weather-resistant wood and steel construction designed to deliver top performance.

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