Eliminate Tunneling Pests with 2 Pack Mole Traps – Fast Acting and Easy to Use


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Tired of unsightly tunnels and mounds ruining your beautiful lawn and garden? Take back your yard with this 2 pack of fast acting mole traps. These powerful scissor traps effectively eliminate tunneling moles and gophers without poisons or chemicals.

Easy and Quick Setup

Setting these mole traps takes just minutes without digging or getting your hands dirty. Simply squeeze the spring loaded handles and place the trap into an active underground tunnel. Two included flags help you mark trap locations. The sensitive trigger mechanism is easily activated by the mole’s tunneling activity.

Fast Acting Traps

These quick kill traps immediately spring closed on the pest once triggered, humanely ending them in seconds. The powerful scissor design has thick steel jaws that swiftly kill moles as they run through the tunnels.

No Bait or Chemicals Needed

These mole traps work without any smelly or hazardous baits or chemicals. The moles trigger the traps out of curiosity as they search for food in their tunnel system. Quickly remove moles without contaminating your yard.

Safe for Family and Pets

No need to worry about toxins hurting kids, pets or beneficial backyard wildlife. These pest traps avoid dangerous poisons while effectively clearing moles from lawns and gardens. Make your yard safe for playing, gardening and relaxation again.

Effective Indoor and Outdoor Use

The versatile design lets you use these tunnel traps both outdoors and indoors for attics, crawl spaces, under sheds, barns or anywhere moles create tunnels. Eliminate pests wherever they dig inside or outside the home.

Built Tough to Last

Durable steel construction and a weather resistant green finish allows these reusable mole traps to be used season after season. The sturdy build withstands repeated use for effective and affordable mole control over time.

Works on Moles and Gophers

Eliminate both Eastern moles and pocket gophers with these dual purpose tunnel traps. Quickly remove these underground pests that damage lawns, gardens, flower beds and crops.

Organic and Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Remove moles humanely without harmful chemicals around organic vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. Safe for use on farms, ranches and nurseries that need effective mole elimination.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind these pest traps with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Eliminate moles from your yard effectively or contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Take Back Your Yard!

Don’t let mole tunnels and dirt mounds ruin your lawn and garden. Gain control with these fast-acting and reusable scissor mole traps. Order now to eliminate pests easily and begin enjoying your yard again.


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