DuraLite Premium Pigskin Welding Coat with Corduroy Collar


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Keep yourself safe and comfortable on the job with the DuraLite Premium Pigskin Welding Coat. This lightweight welding jacket is constructed from durable grain pigskin leather and designed for superior heat, spatter, and abrasion resistance. The protective stand-up corduroy collar provides extra coverage for your neck and chin, while the satin-lined shoulders allow for easy on and off.

Designed with the welder in mind, this welding coat features dual scribe pockets on the chest to keep your notepad or welding essentials close at hand. The inside pocket also gives you a place to store small items safely. For the perfect fit, waist straps are included to adjust the jacket to your body. And with Kevlar stitching throughout, you can trust that this welding coat is made to last.

Premium Grain Pigskin Leather

The DuraLite Welding Jacket is constructed from high quality grain pigskin leather, chosen for its lightweight durability and reliability. Pigskin leather contains tightly packed fibers that provide resistance to sparks, spatter, and abrasion. It’s also more breathable than other leathers, keeping you cooler. The soft, supple feel allows freedom of movement while you work.

Protective Corduroy Collar

The stand-up corduroy collar provides extra protection for your neck and chin as you weld. Corduroy is durable, comfortable, and provides an extra layer between sparks and spatter and your skin. The tall collar stands upright to fully encircle your neck while also letting you move your head freely.

Satin-Lined Shoulders

The satin lining on the shoulders makes it easy to pull this welding jacket on and off, even when you’re wearing bulky clothing underneath. Satin has a smooth surface that prevents snagging as you slide your arms in and out. The soft satin also protects your clothing underneath.

Convenient Storage Pockets

The DuraLite Welding Coat is outfitted with plenty of pockets to keep your essentials nearby. It features two scribe pockets on the chest to hold your notepad, pen, calculator, or welding cheat sheet. The inside pocket also gives you a handy spot to keep your phone, wallet, or small tools secure.

Adjustable Waist Straps

For the perfect fit, this welding coat includes waist straps that you can adjust to contour the jacket to your body. This provides a more tailored feel and prevents uncomfortable billowing as you move around. Simply tighten or loosen the straps until you achieve the desired fit.

Kevlar Stitching

Kevlar thread is used to stitch this welding jacket, providing extreme strength and heat resistance. Kevlar is one of the strongest materials available. The Kevlar stitching protects against seams ripping, even when exposed to sparks. This heavy duty thread ensures the jacket will remain intact even under the toughest working conditions.

Premium Protection For Welders

The DuraLite Premium Pigskin Welding Coat is designed with welders in mind, to provide exceptional protection when you need it most. The lightweight, breathable pigskin leather shields against abrasion and spatter while the corduroy collar protects your neck. Convenient pockets and adjustable waist straps ensure this coat is tailored to you. And with Kevlar stitching, you can be confident this jacket will hold up over time. Keep yourself shielded in comfort and style with the DuraLite Welding Coat.


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