Dual Fuel Carburetor Kit – Convert Your Gas Generator to Dual Fuel Propane & Gasoline with Ease


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Unlock the power of propane fuel for your generator with this easy-to-install dual fuel conversion kit. Simply replace your existing carburetor with our premium aftermarket carburetor to save money and extend runtimes by using inexpensive and abundant propane fuel.

Superior Construction for Maximum Reliability

Our carburetor kit features a durable aluminum alloy body with brass fuel jets engineered to strict tolerances. The quality machining and precisely calibrated fuel system provide smooth, reliable performance when running on gasoline or propane. Oversized dual fuel jets allow for ample fuel flow on both gas and propane.

Universal Fit for Most 4.5KW to 10KW Generators

This dual fuel system is designed as a direct replacement for the stock carburetor on most popular brands and models of generators from 4500 watts up to 10000 watts. It fits a wide variety of generators including Power America, Generac, Champion, Duromax and more. Please check the product description below to ensure your generator model is compatible.

Easy and Straightforward Installation

Converting your stock gasoline generator is simple with our all-in-one kit. Everything needed is included – just swap out the factory carburetor for ours following the detailed instructions. No complicated wiring or modifications needed. Running on propane only requires connecting a standard 20lb barbecue style propane tank with the included hose & regulator.

Run Longer on Inexpensive Propane Fuel

With propane fuel, you’ll get significantly extended runtime versus gasoline alone. Propane stores more energy per volume than gas, is readily available, and is usually much cheaper per BTU. Efficiently harness the power of propane to run your generator for longer durations during power outages or at remote sites.

Reliable OEM-Style Carburetor

The heart of our kit is the premium quality carburetor, featuring a die-cast aluminum body, stainless steel mixer, brass fuel nozzle and jet. It looks and performs similar to the factory carburetor but is designed for propane & gasoline dual fuel use. Built to last with rugged construction.

Flexible Fuel Selection

Conveniently switch between propane and gasoline on the fly using the fuel selector knob on the carburetor. Choose your preferred fuel type based on availability, cost savings desired, and runtime. The system automatically adjusts jetting for smooth operation on either propane or gasoline fuel.

Complete Dual Fuel Kit Contains:

  • Pre-tuned Dual Fuel Carburetor Assembly – just bolt directly onto engine intake
  • 3ft Propane Hose & Regulator – Connects carb to standard 20lb barbecue propane tank
  • Fuel Selector Knob – Easily switch between gasoline and propane modes
  • Gaskets & Hardware – Includes all necessary gaskets, bolts, fittings, and installation accessories
  • Instructions – Comprehensive installation guide makes conversion easy

Compatible Generator Models:

  • Power America APG3009 6000 Watt Portable Generator
  • Generac GP5500 (5,500W) and GP6500 (6,500W) with 13HP Engine
  • Champion 100155 (7,000W) and 100230 (9,000W) 439cc Engine
  • Champion 100155, 100230, 100297 439cc and 459cc Generators
  • Champion 100297 (10,000W) 459cc Engine Generator
  • Champion 41030 (6,250W) 10HP 293cc Portable Generator
  • Champion 100153, 100165, 100296 389cc and 439cc Generators
  • Champion 100231 (8,000W) and 100320 (10,000W) 389cc Generators
  • Duromax XP8500E (8,500W) 16HP Engine Generator
  • Duromax XP10000EH (10,000W) 18HP Generator


  • Save money – Propane fuel is typically 50-70% cheaper per gallon than gasoline
  • Extended run time – More usable energy per volume compared to gasoline
  • Use convenient and abundant propane fuel – Always have a backup fuel source
  • Easy installation – Simple bolt-on design with no wiring mods or drilling
  • Reliable construction – Made with quality materials built to last
  • Flexible operation – Switch gases easily with the fuel selector knob

Invest in energy independence and savings for your home, business, or recreational generator needs. With the cost savings of propane fuel, this dual fuel carburetor kit pays for itself quickly.

Order today to unlock the advantages of propane and keep your generator running during any extended power outage!


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