Dicunoy Small Parts Organizer – Handy Plastic Hardware Storage Box with Adjustable Compartments for Screws, Nuts, Nails, Bolts & More




Stay organized and declutter your workspace with the Dicunoy Small Parts Organizer. This sturdy plastic parts box features 34 adjustable compartments to conveniently store and organize all your small hardware items.

The transparent lid and integrated handle make it easy to see contents at a glance and transport your organized hardware anywhere you need it. No more rummaging through jumbled drawers looking for a single screw. This organizer box keeps your screws, nuts, nails, and other small parts sorted, accessible, and secure.

Customizable Storage for All Your Small Parts & Hardware

The Dicunoy Small Parts Organizer comes equipped with 30 movable dividers that can be adjusted to create customized compartments for all your hardware and supplies. Easily configure the dividers to accommodate large or small parts – getting the perfect fit for each item.

The organizers durable plastic construction features two sides with 17 adjustable compartments on each side, essentially doubling your organized storage. Compartments measure approximately 2.5” long by 2.4” wide.

In addition to the adjustable dividers, the box also contains 4 fixed sections for storing longer hardware like screws and nails. This thoughtful design means you can neatly organize all your small parts – no matter the size.

Portable Design for Work or Home Use

This plastic parts organizer features a convenient built-in carry handle so you can easily transport your organized hardware anywhere you need it. The organizer’s compact 12.5” x 10.5” x 3” size takes up minimal space while providing maximum storage.

Whether you need to organize crafting supplies, fishing gear, automotive parts, home improvement supplies, or everyday tools – this sturdy organizer box is the perfect portable solution. Secure your small parts and accessories, then grab the organizer box by the handle and go.

The transparent lid allows you to quickly view contents without opening the box. Four secure latches keep the lid tightly closed so parts stay neatly in place – even while carrying.

Organize Hardware for Your Workshop, Garage, Craft Room & More

De-clutter your workspace and keep all your important small parts and hardware organized in one place. The Dicunoy Small Parts Organizer is ideal for:

  • Mechanics – Organize bolts, washers, screws, nails & other automotive hardware
  • Carpenters – Sort nails, tacks, hooks, and woodworking tools
  • Crafters – Store beads, buttons, pins, needles, embroidery floss & other crafting supplies
  • Jewelers – Hold small jewelry findings like clasps, rings, stones & jewelry wire
  • Plumbers – Corral washers, connectors, piping & spare plumbing parts
  • Electricians – Separate fuses, connectors, wire nuts & electrical components
  • Gardeners – Section seeds, bulbs, markers, and small garden tools
  • Anglers – Organize fishing lures, hooks, sinkers, bobbers & other tackle

The organizers 34 total compartments and adjustable dividers allow you to neatly organize small items of any shape or size – keeping parts separated and easy to find.

The plastic construction means this organizer is durable enough for the workshop or garage, yet lightweight enough to transport wherever needed. When closed securely, the box keeps contents protected from dirt and moisture.

Stop Searching & Get Organized Today

Don’t waste another minute searching through chaotic, overstuffed drawers for a single misplaced part. The Dicunoy Small Parts Organizer is the simple solution to keep your hardware, supplies, and small parts secure, separated, and within easy reach.

Configure the 30 adjustable dividers to create the ideal custom layout for your specific hardware storage needs. Then use the organizer’s convenient handle to transport those organized parts anywhere your projects take you.

Ditch the jumbled hardware drawer and get your small parts collection neatly organized with the Dicunoy Small Parts Organizer today!


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