Crtbelfy 5 Pack Wall Mount Battery Storage for Milwaukee M18


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Tired of hunting through cluttered toolboxes and shelves to find the charged battery you need? End the frustration with the Crtbelfy 5 Pack Wall Mountable Battery Storage System – the simple and organized solution for your Milwaukee M18 batteries.

Customized Storage for Milwaukee M18 Batteries

Specifically designed for the popular Milwaukee M18 18V lithium-ion batteries, these space-saving battery holders keep your chargers neatly organized and easily accessible.

The battery holders come in a pack of 5, allowing you to mount a holder for each of your Milwaukee 18V battery chargers. Each dock clicks and locks in place with the battery’s existing release mechanism, holding it securely in place for storage and travel.

With designated organized space for each battery, you’ll stop wasting time rummaging through chaotic toolboxes trying to find batteries or figure out their charge level.

Mount Vertically or Horizontally for Maximum Flexibility

These battery storage mounts can be oriented vertically or horizontally to suit your space. Install them to walls, vehicle panels and toolboxes using the included screws.

Mount them to shelves and workbenches using adhesive strips (not included). Position the docks in whatever alignment works best for your storage needs.

The mounts also feature open bottoms allowing you to place them upside down underneath shelves and interior panels. This maximizes your footprint and gets your battery storage completely out of the way.

Durable Construction for Rugged Use

Built from industrial-grade ABS plastic, these mounts are made to survive tough workshop and job site environments. They’ll stand up to knocks, drops and vibration inside your truck or toolbox.

The robust plastic construction also resists warping and cracking over time. The battery holders will maintain their shape and integrity season after season.

No More Wasted Time Searching for Batteries

Knowing which chargers are drained and charged at a glance saves you from wasting time guessing. Stop scrambling last minute for a charged battery before a job.

Mount the racks by your charging station to easily identify which batteries need charging. With an organized storage system, you’ll streamline your charging workflow.

Stashing various tools and gear in front of your chargers leads to lost and imbalanced batteries. With this storage system, your chargers remain visible and within reach.

Get Your Tool Storage Organized

Dealing with power tool batteries becomes exponentially easier with organized storage. Reduce clutter in your:

  • Garage workbench and shelves
  • Jobsite trailer or locker
  • Service vehicle interior and toolboxes
  • Company warehouse shelves

Wherever you store your Milwaukee batteries, this mountable docking system tidies up the space. It also makes your batteries easily identifiable at a glance. Shop the Crtbelfy 5 Pack Wall Mount Battery Storage System now to organize your Milwaukee 18V chargers!


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