CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Leaf Blower, 125 mph, Lightweight and Powerful Battery Operated Blower for Effortless Yard Cleaning


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Tired of wrestling with unwieldy gas-powered leaf blowers or fumbling with cords on corded electric models? The CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Leaf Blower delivers the power you need without the hassle. This lightweight, battery-powered workhorse features a brushless motor that generates winds up to a whopping 125 mph to make short work of leaves, grass clippings, dust, and other yard debris.

With the ability to tackle even the toughest cleanup jobs, this blower is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their outdoor space looking neat and tidy with less effort. Keep reading to learn more about the features that make this blower the ideal choice for your debris-busting needs.

Powerful Brushless Motor Offers Gas-Like Power Sans the Noise and Hassle

This blower’s efficient brushless motor provides all the strength of a gas model without all the drawbacks. It delivers robust air velocity up to 125 mph to help you clear leaves, grass, dirt, and dust off your driveway, patio, deck, or garden area with ease.

That level of power means you can tackle even heavy debris buildup or wet leaves that tend to cling together and resist standard electric or battery-powered blowers. And it does it without producing the obnoxious noise and smelly exhaust fumes that come with gas blowers.

The brushless motor also requires less maintenance since there are fewer internal parts to wear down over time. This adds to the overall value and longevity you’ll get from this blower versus other options.

Three Speed Settings Allow You to Customize the Power

While the top speed delivers gas-like power, you may not need that much force for some clean up jobs. That’s why this blower has three speed settings so you can customize the airflow to your needs and conserve battery life.

The lowest setting works great for delicate tasks like cleaning dust off patio furniture or clearing grass clippings off your deck. For bigger jobs, dial up to the medium or max setting to harness the full 125 mph for tackling piles of leaves or heavy debris buildup.

Having multiple speed options makes this electric blower more versatile for all your yard maintenance needs.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design Reduces Fatigue

One of the biggest drawbacks of gas blowers is how bulky and heavy they are. This leads to fatigue, especially during longer cleaning sessions. This cordless model weighs just 6 lbs with the battery installed, making it easy to maneuver and control.

The compact inline design places the motor and fan at the end of the blower tube rather than perpendicular to it. This configuration centers the weight over your hand, greatly improving balance and control.

An overmold grip enhances your hold on the blower while soft touch zones increase comfort during prolonged use. And the variable trigger lets you adjust power using just your index finger so you don’t have to squeeze the entire grip the whole time.

Together these ergonomic elements reduce strain on your hands, arms, and shoulders allowing you to power through even marathon yard cleanup days with less fatigue.

Lock-On Trigger Enables Extended Use Without Finger Strain

To further prevent hand fatigue, this blower includes a lock-on trigger that lets you secure the power setting without having to hold down the trigger continuously. Once you set the desired speed, simply toggle the lock and you can use the blower uninterrupted.

This feature comes in handy when you need maximum power for an extended period. Just set the speed to high, lock it in place, and tackle the task without tiring out your hand and finger.

The lock deactivates as soon as you press the trigger again. It’s the ideal solution for muscle-free operation when you need it.

3 Interchangeable Nozzles Expand Versatility

This leaf blower comes with three nozzle attachments so you can optimize its performance for different tasks:

  • Narrow concentrator nozzle – Focuses the airflow into a narrow stream ideal for cleaning in tight spaces or removing debris from gutters.
  • Wide clearing nozzle – Spreads the air into a wide pattern for covering more ground quickly when clearing leaves or debris from open areas.
  • Detail cleaning nozzle – Generates a gentle, controlled stream perfect for delicate jobs like dusting off outdoor furniture, clearing grass clippings off your deck, or blowing debris off your car.

Simply pop on the nozzle best suited for the job. The ability to switch out attachments improves the blower’s functionality for both heavy-duty debris busting and detailed cleaning jobs.

Battery and Charger Sold Separately

To maximize flexibility, the CRAFTSMAN V20 battery and charger are sold separately. This allows you to power the blower using any CRAFTSMAN V20 lithium-ion battery.

Purchase just the battery and charger you need, or build on your existing V20 collection. Popular options like the CRAFTSMAN V20 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah batteries work seamlessly with this model and deliver fade-free power with no memory issues.

Unbeatable 3-Year Limited Warranty

CRAFTSMAN proudly stands behind this cordless blower with an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty. This provides complete peace of mind should any defects arise due to faulty materials or workmanship.

We’ll repair or replace the tool free of charge within the warranty timeframe. Our customer service team is also here to answer any questions or provide helpful troubleshooting to get you back up and running quickly.

When you want the power to pulverize yard debris without fussing with gas or cords, the CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Leaf Blower is the clear choice. Experience effortless yard cleanup and maintenance with one of the most capable battery-powered blowers available today.


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