Colosus NDL302 Keyless Electronic Digital Smart Door Lock with Keypad – Smartcode Security Grant & Control Access for Home Office


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Stop worrying about lost, stolen, or duplicated keys – upgrade your home or office security with the Colosus NDL302 keyless entry smart door lock. This innovative electronic door lock offers multiple convenient unlocking methods while keeping your space secure.

Key Features:

Keyless Access Codes – The built-in illuminated keypad allows you to program up to 10 unique access codes ranging from 4 to 12 digits long. Easily grant temporary codes to visitors or service providers that you can delete anytime.

RFID Cards – Each programmed RFID card acts as a digital key, allowing entry with just a quick scan. Ideal for family members or employees. Includes 4 RFID key fobs.

Remote Control – The included remote control makes unlocking the door easy as you approach – no need to fumble for keys or remember codes. Works up to 26ft away.

Backup Key – For emergencies, 2 physical keys provide a backup way to unlock the door. Keys cannot be duplicated for extra security.

Tamper-Proof – Unauthorized keypad attempts trigger a visual and audible alarm alerting you to potential intruders.

Low Battery Indicator – Alerts you when the 4 AA batteries need to be replaced, ensuring your lock keeps working.

Automatic Locking – Door locks automatically 30 seconds after closing for added security and convenience.

Easy Installation – Replaces your existing handleset in minutes. Fits standard doors 1 3/8″ to 2 3/8″ thick. No complex wiring needed.

Take Control of Your Home’s Security

Securing your home or business starts at the front door. The Colosus NDL302 smart lock combines advanced features and technology with simple, intuitive access options for maximum convenience and control over who can enter your space.

Gone are the days of hiding keys under mats or planters where anyone can find them. With the NDL302, authorized entry requires either your access code, RFID card, or remote control – you decide who has access.

Forget copying keys for friends and family to water plants or check on pets while you’re away. Instead, provide them with a custom entry code that you can delete when the task is done. No more wondering who has keys or if they’ve made copies.

With 10 programmable access codes, you can grant entry to visiting relatives, dog walkers, repair workers, and cleaning crews without having to be present to let them in. Issue temporary access codes for short term projects or longer codes for those who need regular access.

Flexible Access Options for All Situations

The Colosus NDL302 provides multiple unlocking methods to suit any situation. Whether carrying groceries, pushing a stroller, or just having your hands full, you’ll always have a convenient way to unlock the door.

Keyless Entry Code – In a hurry? Simply enter your 4-12 digit access code on the illuminated weather-resistant keypad. Unlock your door in seconds.

RFID Card or Fob – Keep the included RFID card or fob in your wallet or purse. Just scan to unlock when your hands are full.

Remote Control – Walking up to your door with bags in both hands? Press the remote button up to 26ft away to unlock it before you reach the door.

Physical Key – Each unit includes two backup metal keys that cannot be duplicated as an emergency override option. Keep one as a spare.

The flexibility of using your code, RFID, remote, or key means you’ll never find yourself locked out again. The days of hiding keys and jammed locks are over.

Advanced Security Features for Your Peace of Mind

While easy access for authorized users is important, keeping your home or business securely locked is the main priority. The Colosus NDL302 provides multiple layers of security to prevent unwanted entry.

With 10 unique access codes, you control who gains entry at any time. Temporary codes for workers expire automatically on a set date so you don’t have to ask for keys back or have locks re-keyed.

The tamper-proof design will trigger an alarm if there are 5 unsuccessful keypad code entries. This deters potential intruders from trying to guess access codes. You’ll be alerted of the break-in attempt.

In case of lost power, the lock has battery backup power and remembers all programmed codes and settings. Or use the included backup keys to unlock the door until power is restored.

The automatic 30 second locking mechanism will re-engage the lock if the door is not opened after unlocking to prevent accidental security flaws. Never worry if your door was left unlocked.

With robust anti-pick and anti-drill technology, the Colosus NDL302 keeps your home or business securely protected against unauthorized entry attempts.

Smart Home Compatibility and Automation

Control and monitor your smart lock remotely when paired with a smart home hub (sold separately). Unlock doors for family members at a distance, see lock access logs, disable lost RFID cards, and receive notifications if your lock is accessed while you’re away – right from an app on your phone.

Pair with top smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and more for voice control and enhanced automation. Use Alexa voice commands to check if the door is locked, unlock it for guests with a code, or confirm kids have arrived home from school safely.

Integrate your Colosus Smart Lock into full home automation systems. Set it to unlock automatically when your security system is disarmed or you arrive home. Have it lock every night at bedtime for added peace of mind.

Unlock Convenience and Security for Your Home

Step into the future of home access with the Colosus NDL302 Keyless Entry Smart Lock. No more hiding spare keys outside or worrying about lost or stolen keys compromising safety. Ensure only authorized people can enter your home with advanced code technology and encrypted security.


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