cobee Car Detailing Brush Set, 5 Piece Set of Interior Detailing Brushes for Car Cleaning




Keep your car looking brand new with this 5 piece car detailing brush set from cobee. Designed to clean every nook and cranny, this set contains everything you need to thoroughly detail the interior of your vehicle.

The super soft bristles glide over surfaces to capture dust, dirt, and debris without scratching or damaging delicate areas. Easily remove embedded crumbs, pet hair, and grime from air vents, cup holders, seams, crevices, upholstery, floor mats, and more.

With two large detail brushes, one slim dust brush, one fine detailing brush, and one soft makeup-style brush, you can tackle any mess in your car’s interior. The ergonomic, non-slip handles provide a comfortable grip for maneuvering into tight spaces.

Gentle on All Surfaces

The soft bristles are safe for use on leather, vinyl, plastic, wood, carbon fiber, glass, screens, and other delicate surfaces. Clean with confidence knowing these brushes won’t leave behind scratches, scuffs, or abrasions.

The makeup-style brush has super fine synthetic bristles designed specifically for dusting screens and glossy surfaces without leaving streaks or micro-scratches.

Interchangeable Heads

Three of the detailing brushes feature heads that can be removed and replaced when the bristles eventually wear out. Simply unscrew the head and screw on a new one to restore the brush. This gives the set longevity and saves you from having to replace the entire brush.

Ergonomic Handles

Cleaning and detailing a car takes time. The ergonomic handles on these brushes are designed for comfort during extended cleaning sessions. Rubber grips keep the brushes securely in your hand while the smooth necks allow you to easily maneuver around tight spaces and angles.

Hollow End for Hanging

The end of each handle is hollow so you can hang the brushes for convenient storage. Hang them on hooks, pegs, or nails to keep the set organized and accessible for next time. The hollow end also allows you to connect several together into one long handle when you need extra reach.

Detailed Cleaning for the Interior

Use these brushes to detail every inch of your car’s interior:

  • Air Vents – Dislodge built up dust, pet hair, and debris from air vents and crevices with the slim dust brush.
  • Upholstery – Lift dirt from crevices and seams in leather, vinyl, and cloth seats and trim.
  • Carpet & Mats – Agitate dirt and stains ground into carpets and mats.
  • Cup Holders – Remove grime, crumbs, and spills from cup holders.
  • Crevices – Chase crumbs, dirt, and dust out of narrow crevices between console, seats, and trim pieces.
  • Pedals – Sweep away dirt and mud from pedals, foot wells, and the underside of mats.
  • Steering Wheels – Wipe away oils, dirt, and grime from leather or vinyl steering wheels.
  • Dashboard & Console – Dust and clean dashboards, center consoles, buttons, and knobs.
  • Door Panels & Handles – Clean door panels, door jambs, and handles.
  • Screens & Glass – Gently dust navigation screens, radio screens, windshields, windows, and mirrors.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning

While specially designed for auto detailing, these brushes can also be used for other cleaning tasks:

  • Computer Cleaning – Dust keyboards, screens, mice, and other electronics.
  • Appliances – Detail refrigerator shelves, stove knobs and surfaces, and more.
  • Office Cleaning – Clean office equipment, desk surfaces, computer monitors, phones, and printers.
  • Makeup Application – The soft makeup brush applies powder smoothly and evenly.
  • Crafts – The fine tipped brush helps apply glue and other adhesives.

With soft, gentle bristles, comfortable ergonomic handles, and interchangeable heads, this 5 piece detailing brush set from cobee has everything you need to keep your car’s interior looking immaculate. Regular detailing not only improves the appearance of your vehicle, but can also extend the life of interior surfaces.

Cobee is dedicated to making effective, thoughtfully designed cleaning tools. This car detailing brush set is backed by a hassle-free 12 month replacement guarantee.

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Large Detailing Brush – 9.8″ total length with 2″ soft bristles
  • 1 x Large Detailing Brush – 9.8″ total length with 2″ stiff bristles
  • 1 x Slim Dust Brush – 8.6″ total length with 1.8″ soft bristles
  • 1 x Fine Detailing Brush – 5.6″ total length with 0.6″ fine bristles
  • 1 x Soft Makeup Brush – 7″ total length with 1.6″ super soft bristles

Keep your car looking like new with this complete 5 piece detailing brush set!


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