Clevich Spacious 6×3.5ft Metal Garden Tool Shed with Sliding Door & Vents for Yard Storage




Tired of tripping over tools and gear strewn across your backyard? Clevich’s spacious 6×3.5ft metal storage shed is the outdoor organization solution you’ve been searching for. With ample room for everything from lawnmowers and bikes to patio furniture and gardening tools, this durable shed keeps your yard tidy and your possessions protected from the elements.

Crafted from rugged galvanized steel with a unique UV-resistant coating, Clevich’s storage shed stands up to sun, wind, rain, and snow. The sloped roof prevents water and debris accumulation so your items stay dry. Large vents circulate air to deter moisture, mold, and mildew.

The convenient sliding door glides smoothly on its track, saving space compared to traditional swinging doors. No more bumping into the door or having it block your way! For security, the shed can be locked with a padlock (not included).

Measuring a generous 72” long x 42.9” wide x 71.3” high, the spacious interior provides ample storage and easy access to your outdoor gear and equipment. Shelving is not included but can be added to maximize usable space.

Get your garage and basement back and reclaim your yard with a weather-resistant backyard catchall. Clevich’s multi-use shed is ideal for:

Lawn Equipment
Safely store noisy, messy lawnmowers, trimmers, blowers, and other landscaping tools out of the way. The shed keeps your garage or basement clean and organized.

No more tripping over bicycles left on the patio or in the yard. Slide bikes smoothly in and out of the shed whenever adventure calls.

Patio Furniture
Love your wicker patio set but hate hunting down scattered cushions every spring? Stow chairs, tables, cushions, and umbrellas over the winter to prolong their life.

Sports Equipment
Corralling balls, bats, nets, cleats, and gear is a headache. Toss them all into this spacious shed to keep your play space clear.

Seasonal Supplies
Rotating seasonal tools and decor out of storage is a chore without ample space. Beach chairs in summer, snow shovels in winter—this shed fits it all.

Grills and Smokers
Free up garage space by storing your grill or smoker in this ventilated shed. It keeps food smells outside where they belong.

Pool Toys and Supplies
No more tripping over pool noodles and floating toys! Store them in the shed where they’re handy but out of sight.

Pet Houses
Pets need an out-of-the-way shelter too. This shed makes a perfect outdoor retreat for Fido or Fluffy.

Trash and Recycling
Keep ugly trash bins concealed but accessible with this conveniently located shed. Out of sight, out of mind!

Gardening Supplies
Securing tools like spades, hoses, and fertilizer keeps your garden looking pristine. Plant shelves to organize trowels, pots, seeds and more.

Firewood Storage
Store stacks of firewood in a dedicated shelter to keep them dry. Just grab logs as needed on chilly nights.

The locking metal door provides security, while the neutral grey color blends into any yard. With basic DIY skills, the shed can be assembled in 2-3 hours using the included hardware. Shelving and flooring are not included.

Take control of your outdoor space with Clevich’s multi-purpose storage shed! Durable construction and spacious storage ensure it serves your family for seasons to come. Click Add to Cart for an organization solution that declutters and protects your prized possessions. Your yard is about to get a whole lot neater.


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