CHANNELLOCK HP-4ECP 4 Piece Hook & Pick Set – Precision Gunsmithing Tools Made in the USA


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Get into tight spaces and remove small parts with ease using this premium 4 piece hook and pick set from CHANNELLOCK. Equipped with a 180-degree full hook, straight pick, 90-degree pick, and complex probe, this compact set has the specialized tools you need for detailed work.

Whether you’re a gunsmith, mechanic, jeweler, hobbyist, or DIYer, this USA-made pick set allows you to complete fiddly jobs where fingers just can’t reach. Remove small screws, springs, and pins, dislodge stuck parts, open breechblocks, and separate firearm components with control and precision.

Specialized, U.S. Manufactured Pick Shapes for Detailed Work

Each pick in this CHANNELLOCK set features a uniquely angled, high alloy steel blade designed for different applications:

180-Degree Full Hook: Reach around pins and into nooks thanks to the contoured, tapered tip. The hook shape grabs hold of small parts.

Straight Pick: Get right into confined spaces with the slim, straight pick. Ideal for dislodging stuck screws and maneuvering tricky components.

90-Degree Pick: See what you’re doing with the angled, offset pick head. Lets you access awkward angles and work at more ergonomic wrist positions.

Complex Probe: Probe and manipulate tiny springs, detents, bearings, and pins with the super-fine tip.

With multiple tool head shapes in one compact set, you’ll be equipped for fiddly garage, hobby, and firearm jobs where fingers can’t reach. The slim, non-slip handles provide a sturdy grip, giving you control over the precision tips.

Durable, Heat-Treated Alloy Steel Construction

CHANNELLOCK uses specialized steel and heat treatments to ensure their tools can withstand heavy use. The slim, round-shafted blades are crafted from rugged high alloy U.S. steel.

Vacuum heat treatment maximizes the pick tips’ hardness while retaining enough spring and flexibility to withstand leverage force without breaking or deforming. You can bear down on stuck components without worrying about damaging the picks.

The steel won’t quickly wear or round off after repeated use like cheaper pot metal competitors. CHANNELLOCK builds their tools to last, maintaining their precision machined tips over years of professional use.

Corrosion-Resistant, Non-Porous Finish

Exposed steel has a tendency to rust, especially around moisture. That’s why CHANNELLOCK plates their picks with a vibrant polished finish that seals and protects the steel.

The coating prevents corrosion while also creating a smooth, non-porous surface that won’t trap grime. Parts won’t stick to the finish, ensuring the picks glide and maneuver easily into tight crevices.

The polished finish also makes it easy to clean dirt and fingerprints off the tools after a job. Simply wipe down with a rag to restore the brilliant shine.

Cushioned, Impact-Resistant Handle

Repeated pressure and leverage forces can lead to hand and wrist fatigue. But the ergonomic cushioned grip on these picks reduces strain for extended precision work.

CHANNELLOCK heat-stabilizes the handle, making it more rigid and durable. A special compound material provides excellent abrasion resistance, protecting the grip from rough surfaces. It also dampens vibrations and impact, preventing transfer to your hand.

The grip won’t crack or deteriorate from industrial oils and solvents either. No matter the environment, the handle ensures a comfortable, non-slip hold for pinpoint control.

Compact & Portable Design

Each pick measures just 3-inches long. The slim tool heads let you manipulate tiny components, while the compact body is easy to handle and control.

Weighing just 4.8 ounces altogether, the four piece set is extremely lightweight. Toss the picks in a toolkit, pocket, or pouch to keep them handy for opportunities that pop up.

The versatile set comes packed in a fitted plastic case that protects and organizes the picks for storage and transport. Foam cushioning prevents tool heads from contacting each other and being damaged.

Backed by CHANNELLOCK’s Legendary Guarantee

Founded in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1886, CHANNELLOCK continues to manufacture innovative hand tools from American steel. Their pliers and wrenches are the choice of trade professionals worldwide.

This HP pick set shows CHANNELLOCK’s same commitment to quality, durability, and performance. Like all their tools, it’s covered by their guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.

With proper care, these precision machined picks will serve your detail hobby work needs for years to come. Pick up a set today and take on your next gunsmithing or dismantling project with confidence.


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