Carkio Fuel Pump Compatible with Kohler K141 K161 K181 M8 Engines – Replacement for Kohler 41-559-01-S, 41 559 05-S, 4155902-S, 4155901-S, C230361S, C-230361-S


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Reliable Fuel Delivery for Optimum Kohler Engine Performance

Keep your Kohler engine running at peak performance with the Carkio fuel pump. This high-quality aftermarket replacement pump is compatible with Kohler K141, K161, K181, and M8 engines commonly found on lawn mowers, generators, and other outdoor power equipment.

With robust construction and precision engineering, this Carkio fuel pump delivers reliable fuel supply to maintain optimum engine performance. The pump design prevents vapor lock and pressure loss, while the precise flow rate prevents flooding, starvation, or uneven fuel distribution.

Direct Replacement to Restore Smooth Operation

Specifically designed as a direct replacement, this Carkio fuel pump is easy to install and gets your Kohler engine back up and running smoothly. It replaces Kohler part numbers 41-559-01-S, 41 559 05-S, 4155902-S, 4155901-S, C230361S, and C-230361-S used on K141, K161, K181, and M8 engines.

The pump comes with complete hardware for hassle-free installation. Detailed instructions are also provided for guidance. Once installed, the fuel pump restores proper fuel delivery to resolve problems like difficult starting, rough idling, stalling, and power loss.

Precision-Engineered for Reliable Performance

Constructed using quality materials and engineered to OEM specifications, this aftermarket replacement pump matches the fit, form, and function of the original Kohler part. Precision components like the gerotor gear set, bushings, bearings, and screws are designed for flawless pumping action and lasting service life.

The durable housing and solid connector design prevent fuel leaks, while the advanced pickup screen filter keeps debris out of the system. Electrical contacts and thermal protectors are engineered to OEM standards, providing reliable performance season after season.

Designed for the Following Kohler Engines:

– K141
– K161
– K181
– M8

Also replaces Kohler part numbers:

– 41-559-01-S
– 41 559 05-S
– 4155902-S
– 4155901-S
– C230361S
– C-230361-S

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This Carkio fuel pump is backed by our 90-day return policy. Install it with confidence knowing it will provide reliable fuel delivery or your money back. We also provide prompt, friendly customer service if you need any assistance.

Rely on Carkio replacement parts for restored operation, peak performance, and long engine life. Add this fuel pump to your cart today to get your Kohler engine running smoothly again!


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