Carbhub 3-Piece Chainsaw Gear Set – M14, M16, and M10 Gears for DIY Angle Grinder Chainsaw Build




Take on your next DIY project with confidence using this durable and versatile 3-piece chainsaw gear set from Carbhub. Perfect for constructing your own angle grinder chainsaw, tree trimmer, brush cutter, and more.

Build Your Own Chainsaw Attachment for Angle Grinders

These heavy-duty gears are precisely machined to convert standard angle grinders into high-powered chainsaw tools. Just attach the appropriate size gear to your angle grinder arbor, connect your chain bar and guide, then install a chainsaw chain to create a rugged attachment for pruning trees, clearing brush, forestry work, and homesteading tasks.

Premium Materials Stand Up to Tough Jobs

The gears are constructed from hardened steel for maxium strength and wear resistance under heavy loads. Precision cut gear teeth provide smooth, efficient power transfer from the angle grinder to your custom chainsaw attachment.

Three Common Grinder Arbor Sizes Included

The set includes M14, M16, and M10 gears to match the most common arbor sizes found on 4 1/2” to 9” angle grinders from leading brands like DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Metabo and more. No need to measure, just look for the arbor size engraved on your grinder.

Technical Specifications:

  • M14 Gear – 14mm Inner Diameter
  • M16 Gear – 16mm Inner Diameter
  • M10 Gear – 10mm Inner Diameter
  • Hardened Steel Construction
  • Precision Cut Gear Teeth

Everything You Need for a Wide Range of Projects

The three piece gear set provides flexibility to tackle light duty pruning jobs to heavy duty brush clearing projects.

Around the Yard:
– Prune trees and shrubs
– Trim overgrown vegetation
– Clear brush
– Cut small branches and saplings

On the Homestead:
– Clear fence lines
– Prune fruit trees
– Harvest firewood
– Forestry management

In Your Shop:
– Mill lumber
– Cut plastic and non-ferrous pipe
– Tool customization and prototyping

Cuts Setup Time and Hassle Out of Your Build

Sourcing matching gears from multiple suppliers is time consuming and risky. This 3-piece set contains all the gears you need for a flexible chainsaw setup right in one package.

No measurements or guesswork required. Just select the gear that matches your grinder arbor size and you’re all set.

Works with Standard Chainsaw Parts

These gears are designed to work with standard aftermarket chain bars, guide bars, and chainsaw chains, allowing you to customize your build. Compatible with 3/8” pitch chain up to 55 drive links.

Carbhub Provides a 1-Year Warranty

All Carbhub products are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We stand behind our gears and will replace any defective item free of charge. Just contact us for a fast replacement.

Order Your Set Today for Your Next Project

Addrugged versatility to your angle grinder with a custom chainsaw attachment. This Carbhub gear set provides the core components to get your project up and running.

Order now and be ready for your next backyard, homestead, or workshop build! Carbhub – Quality parts made affordable.


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