Cancanle Spark Plug Boot Cap for Honda GX Engines 240 270 340 390 640 – Replaces 30700-ZE1-013 & 30700-ZE1-015


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Keep your Honda GX engine running smoothly with this high quality replacement spark plug boot cap from Cancanle. Designed to replace damaged or cracked OEM spark plug caps, this cap helps prevent ignition issues and restore peak performance.

Direct Replacement Spark Plug Cap

This aftermarket spark plug cap is engineered as a direct OEM replacement for the following Honda part numbers:

– 30700-ZE1-013
– 30700-ZE1-015

It matches the original cap’s dimensions and specifications precisely, allowing for a quick and easy installation.

Compatible with Popular Honda GX Engines

This spark plug boot cap is designed to fit a variety of GX horizontal shaft engines from Honda:

– GX240 (270cc)
– GX270 (270cc)
– GX340 (389cc)
– GX390 (389cc)
– GX610 (688cc)
– GX620 (688cc)
– GX630 (688cc)
– GX640 (688cc)
– GX670 (688cc)

These single cylinder, air-cooled engines are commonly found on lawn tractors, generators, log splitters, tillers, pumps, and other outdoor power equipment.

Protects Spark Plug and Ignition System

The spark plug cap encloses and protects the tip of the spark plug. This prevents dirt or debris from contaminating the plug and causing misfires. The cap’s conductive interior also shields the ignition components from moisture and electrical interference.

A cracked or damaged cap compromises this protection, allowing issues like short circuits or fouled plugs. Replacing your worn cap with this Cancanle version restores full shielding.

Premium Construction

This spark plug cap features a durable rubber housing and interior made from high-grade conductive silicone. The precision molding provides a perfect fit over the spark plug terminal and wire.

The tight seal helps prevent vibration loosening over time. The conductive silicone evenly transfers high voltage current from the ignition coil to the plug tip, ensuring complete combustion.

Easy Push-On Installation

Installing this replacement cap takes just seconds. Simply push the cap fully onto the spark plug’s metal terminal until it clicks into place. The inside diameter is engineered to OE specifications for a secure connection. No tools or modifications needed.

Prevent Issues Like:

– Hard starting
– Misfires
– Power loss
– Poor performance
– Engine knocking or pinging

A failing or cracked spark plug cap can cause all of the above symptoms. Replacing yours with this Cancanle cap can resolve such issues and restore smooth operation.

Manufacturer You Can Trust

For over 10 years, Cancanle has specialized in manufacturing replacement parts for Honda GX engines. Their components are rigorously tested to meet OEM specifications. Providing a quality product and great customer service is their top priority.

Stop Engine Problems Before They Start!

Don’t wait until your lawn mower won’t start or your generator dies mid-job. Be proactive and replace a worn out spark plug cap now before problems arise. With this Cancanle cap, you can protect your Honda GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390 or GX640 engine and keep it running strong all season long.

Compatible Honda GX Engine Models:

– GX240 (270cc engine)
– GX270 (270cc engine)
– GX340 (389cc engine)
– GX390 (389cc engine)
– GX610 (688cc engine)
– GX620 (688cc engine)
– GX630 (688cc engine)
– GX640 (688cc engine)
– GX670 (688cc engine)

Cancanle’s OEM replacement spark plug cap is easy to install and engineered to protect your engine’s ignition system. For optimal performance from your Honda equipment, replace your old, cracked cap today.


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