Briggs & Stratton 6035 Maintenance Kit for 10,000-12,000W Standby Generators


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Keep your standby generator running smoothly and reliably with the Briggs & Stratton 6035 maintenance kit. This all-in-one kit contains everything you need to perform routine maintenance on 10,000-12,000 watt standby generators, extending the life of your valuable backup power system.

Complete Preventative Maintenance

The 6035 maintenance kit includes:

  • 5W-30 synthetic oil – Keeps engine parts properly lubricated
  • Oil filter – Screens out harmful contaminants from oil
  • Air filter – Prevents dirt/debris from damaging internal components
  • Spark plugs – Ensure proper ignition for smooth startups
  • Oil funnel – Allows clean oil fills with no mess

Replacing these components at scheduled intervals as part of routine maintenance keeps your generator’s engine running at peak performance when you need it most.

Designed for Briggs & Stratton Generators

This maintenance kit is specifically designed for 10,000-12,000 watt Briggs & Stratton standby generators. All parts meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications for proper fit and functionality. Only use manufacturer-approved parts like these to avoid premature wear or damage not covered under warranty.

Step-by-Step Maintenance Instructions

Changing the oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs on your standby generator is made easy with the 6035 maintenance kit. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Changing Oil and Oil Filter:

1. Run generator for 5 minutes to warm oil, then shut off engine.

2. Remove drain plug and oil fill cap. Drain oil into appropriate container.

3. Replace drain plug. Remove existing oil filter and install new filter from kit.

4. Add new synthetic oil from kit using provided funnel. Check level.

5. Replace oil fill cap when full. Dispose of old oil/filter properly.

Replacing Air Filter:

1. Locate air filter housing on generator. Open housing.

2. Remove existing air filter and replace with new one from kit.

3. Close housing when complete.

Changing Spark Plugs:

1. Locate spark plug wires on engine. Carefully detach.

2. Using spark plug socket, remove existing plugs.

3. Check electrode gap on new plugs from kit and adjust as needed.

4. Install new plugs, taking care not to overtighten.

5. Reattach spark plug wires when done.

Rely on Your Standby Generator

Standby generators are a significant investment designed to provide backup power when you need it most. Rely on them to be ready with routine maintenance using manufacturer-approved parts like this complete 6035 kit from Briggs & Stratton. Keeping your generator properly maintained gives you the peace of mind that emergency backup power will be available if the power grid fails.

Briggs & Stratton Quality and Expertise

For over 110 years, Briggs & Stratton has been a trusted name in power equipment. They leverage extensive R&D and rigorous testing to produce rugged, reliable engines and generators as well as vital OEM parts. Choosing the 6035 maintenance kit means you are getting high-quality, durable components designed specifically for 10,000-12,000 watt Briggs & Stratton generators.

Easy Online Ordering

Ordering the parts you need for DIY generator maintenance couldn’t be easier. The 6035 kit is available right here through Amazon for fast shipping. Kits are in stock so you can be prepared for recommended maintenance intervals.

Protect Your Investment

Don’t wait until an emergency to service your standby generator. Make generator maintenance easy and worry-free with the Briggs & Stratton 6035 all-in-one kit. It provides all the parts required to keep your backup power system operating at peak performance. Order today to keep your 10,000-12,000 watt Briggs & Stratton generator ready and reliable!


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