BOMINXPRO 45-in-1 Precision Repair Tool Kit – Must-Have for Electronics, PC, Eyeglass & Watch Repairs


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Tackle Life’s Tiny Troubles with the BOMINXPRO 45-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set!

As gadgets get smaller and repairs get trickier, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference between a quick fix and added frustration. With the BOMINXPRO screwdriver set, you’ll have 45 must-have repair tools packed into one compact case so intricate jobs become a breeze.

This versatile precision set includes all the bits and drivers you need for electronics, eyeglasses, watches, PC/laptops and more. Phillips, Torx, flathead, pentalobe, hex – it’s all here! The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip while the hardened S2 steel alloy bits resist wear and tear even after heavy use. Strong built-in magnets help keep screws locked in place so you can work efficiently.

Plus, the included tweezers have an anti-static coating to prevent damaging sensitive components during intricate repairs. Whether you’re a hobbyist, DIYer, parent, or own a business, this handy kit belongs in your toolbox.

BUILDS CONFIDENCE for Intricate Repairs

Some repairs require steady hands and the right precision tools. Fumbling with the wrong screwdriver can lead to damaged parts, stripped screw heads, and frustration. The BOMINXPRO set takes the guesswork out of gadget repairs so you can take on fiddly jobs with confidence.

Having the specific drivers you need makes a big difference. The Phillips and flathead bits handle the basics while the Torx, pentalobe, triangle and hex bits tackle less common screw heads. The spanners help unscrew tough-to-access recessed or obstructed screws. Even the most troublesome tiny screws are no match for these pro-grade precision tools!

COMFORTABLE GRIP Reduces Hand Strain

Repetitive motions with cold steel tools can be tough on hands. That’s why the BOMINXPRO screwdrivers have ergonomic, rubberized handles that provide a comfortable grip. The handles minimize hand strain so you can take on longer jobs without fatiguing easily. The smooth 360-degree spinning cap makes hard-to-reach angles a cinch.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION for Long-Lasting Performance

Shoddy tools just don’t cut it for precision work. That’s why each S2 steel alloy bit is hardened to over HRC60 for superior durability and longevity. The tips resist wear and tear so you can expect a long useful life out of this set. No more wasting money replacing flimsy tools that fail to stand up to regular use.


Trying to align and position minuscule screws with one hand while screwing with the other can be an exercise in frustration. That’s why strong neodymium magnets are integrated into each BOMINXPRO bit to effortlessly hold screws in place. The magnets grab and keep hold of screws so you can get them set and tightened with less hassle.

ANTI-STATIC PROTECTION Against Component Damage

Prevent electrostatic discharge damage to sensitive electronics with the included anti-static tweezers. The conductive coating ensures safe handling of PCB boards and other ESD-sensitive components during intricate repairs.

COMPACT STORAGE CASE Keeps All Tools Together

The last thing you want when tackling a repair is to realize a needed tool is missing. This all-in-one set comes organized in a slim anodized aluminum carrying case that keeps everything neatly together. The compact design is small enough to stash in a drawer or take on the go. Snap-lock clasps keep the case securely closed. Cutouts for each tool enable quick visual inventory.

BUILT TO LAST with Dedicated Customer Support

All BOMINXPRO tools are rigorously tested for quality and durability. In the unlikely event of defects, issues or missing parts, our customer service team is ready to promptly resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction. We stand behind our products 100%!


– Electronics – Phones, tablets, drones, gaming systems

– Computers – Laptops, PC, peripherals, printers

– Small Appliances – Cameras, watches, eyeglasses, toys

– Automotive – Interior panels, stereos, lights, gauges

– DIY Projects – Furniture assembly, household items

Don’t settle for flimsy tools. Equip your toolbox with the BOMINXPRO 45-in-1 precision screwdriver set today and be ready to take on life’s little troubles!


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