BLUEPOINT UPT15 33″ Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool – Ideal for Finding Lost Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Other Metal Parts Around the Home


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Searching for lost nuts, bolts, screws, nails or other metal objects can be frustrating and time consuming. The BLUEPOINT UPT15 telescoping magnetic pick up tool makes finding small metal items easy. With an extra long 33 inch reach when fully extended, this pickup tool can access hard to reach areas and find metal objects in the tightest spaces.

Key Features

  • Lifts up to 2 pounds – Strong magnet securely grips bolts, nuts, nails, pins, keys and other small metal objects
  • Telescopes from 6-5/8″ to 33-1/4″ – Compact when retracted and extends over 3 feet to reach tight spaces
  • Black grip handle – Comfortable rubberized grip provides excellent control
  • Ideal for garage, yard, home and office – Pick up metal scraps after projects or find dropped items in tight areas
  • Lifetime replacement warranty – We stand behind the quality and will replace if defective

Stop Searching, Start Finding with a Telescoping Magnetic Pickup

Finding a dropped bolt, screw, nail or other small metal item can be a huge hassle. You can spend hours searching on your hands and knees with a flashlight, sorting through dirt, looking under appliances or feeling around in dark corners trying to locate the lost object.

The BLUEPOINT UPT15 telescoping magnetic pickup makes finding metal objects fast and easy. Just extend the lightweight aluminum wand and sweep over the area. The powerful magnet will grab and securely hold small metal items, lifting up to 2 pounds.

Reach Tight Spots with a 33 Inch Extension

The extra long telescoping design extends from just 6-5/8 inches up to 33-1/4 inches, allowing you to reach into the tightest spaces other pickup tools can’t access. Search under and behind appliances or furniture, grab dropped items from high shelves or the back of cabinets, and clean metal debris out of tight corners.

When not in use, the aluminum shaft retracts to a compact 6-5/8 inches, small enough to toss in a toolbox or glove box without taking up much space. The comfortable rubberized grip provides excellent control when sweeping the magnet over an area or retrieving an item.

Lift Up to 2 Pounds

A pickup tool is only helpful if it can securely hold your lost items once located. The UPT15 features a strong magnet on the tip that can lift and carry medium sized metal objects with ease.

Most lost nuts, bolts, nails, pins and keys weigh just a fraction of a pound. The powerful magnet on this BLUEPOINT pickup can lift and carry metal objects up to 2 pounds in weight. Larger items like wrenches or sockets can be retrieved by sliding, rather than lifting.

The magnet grabs and holds objects securely without dropping them while retracting the wand. Just hover the tip over a trash can or container and retract the magnet to easily release lifted items.

Ideal for Home, Garage, Office and Yard

This telescoping magnetic pick up tool is great for retrieving dropped metal objects around the house, yard, garage and office. Here are just some of the many uses:

  • Garage: Clean up nails, screws, bolts and other metal scraps after projects
  • Shed: Find loose nails, hooks or tools buried in piles of clutter
  • Yard: Collect bits of scrap metal and hardware outdoors after landscaping
  • Kitchen: Retrieve dropped can lids, silverware, pans or pots in hard to reach areas
  • Bathroom: Pull out hair pins or razors that fell behind cabinets or appliances
  • Workshop: Pick up nails, tacks, staples and other debris off the floor
  • Office: Grab paper clips, pins and other small metal objects off the floor

Wherever small metal objects get dropped, the BLUEPOINT UPT15 telescoping magnetic pickup is ideal for retrieving them quickly. Kids can even use it for picking up scattered game pieces!

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

BLUEPOINT stands behind the quality of the UPT15 magnetic pickup tool. It’s backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. If it ever fails or defects due to materials or craftsmanship, simply contact us for a free replacement.

We’re confident this pickup will provide lasting performance for retrieving nuts, bolts, nails and other metal debris around the home and workshop for years to come.

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Stop crawling around searching for lost nuts, bolts and other small metal objects. Get the job done fast with the BLUEPOINT 33 inch telescoping magnetic pick up tool! This essential tool will save you hours of frustration trying to locate dropped metal items.

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