Biggest Home Safe with Dual Keypad Entry and Adjustable Shelves for Max Storage


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Keep your valuables ultra secure with the Titan Extra Large Dual Keypad Home Safe. This beast of a safe provides maximum interior space across two lockable compartments, while still fitting easily in a closet or corner.

The bulky reinforced steel construction deters theft and protects your contents from fire. Choose to unlock via keypad, manual key, or hidden emergency key for total control. With adjustable shelves, a hidden bottom compartment, and multiple mounting options, the Titan Safe shields your essentials exactly how you need.

Spacious Double-Door Design

With a voluminous 7.2 cubic feet of interior space, the Titan Safe offers incredible capacity for a home safe. The two-door design features separate keypads and locking bolts for secure division of contents.

Keep your handguns, cash, jewelry, and important documents organized across the two compartments. The adjustable shelf also allows you to customize the layout based on your needs.

Pry-Resistant Steel Body Deters Burglars

At 120 lbs, this sturdy safe presents a formidable barrier against thieves. The 1/4 inch thick steel door and welded pry-proof body resist attacks from power tools or hammering. Eight locking bolts shoot out from the frame to clinch the door tightly shut.

Hidden, tamper-proof hinges block access to weak points. The powder coated finish prevents corrosion over time. Together these robust Features make the Titan virtually impenetrable and ideal for high value possessions.

Fireproof Construction Protects Interiors

A dual fireproof system keeps contents unharmed at scorching temperatures. The heavy duty steel walls absorb heat to maintain safe internal temperatures. Meanwhile, the proprietary fireboard limits oxygen flow to prevent igniting paper documents.

This reliable fireproofing survives up to 1700°F for 60 minutes. Feel reassured your irreplaceable items have an extra layer of protection during a home fire.

Choose Your Preferred Entry Method

The Titan Safe provides total flexibility for access. Enter a 3-8 digit private code on the illuminated keypad for the compartment you need. Override with the manual key by turning the knob below the keypad. Or use the hidden emergency key on the bottom for backup.

After three incorrect keypad attempts, a warning alarm triggers to deter tampering. Always remain in control of your safe with the option to use electronic or manual entry.

Hidden Bottom Compartment and Interior Organization

Find even more security within the discrete bottom compartment perfect for concealing especially sensitive items. Adjust the shelves to stack larger items or create rows for smaller valuables.

Use the included jewelry hooks and door pockets to organize everything neatly. With all your belongings arranged efficiently, retrieving important items becomes quick and easy.

Rugged Construction Weighs 137 lbs

At 137 lbs before mounting, the hefty Titan deters thieves from walking away with the entire safe. The anti-pry steel housing prevents crooks from separating the safe from a wall. Mount to the floor or wall with included hardware for extra security.

Double Alarm Protection

This safe thinks ahead to alert you of tampering. If it detects vibration or repeated incorrect keypad entries, a loud alarm sounds. Know immediately if an intruder tries to crack into the safe, giving you time to respond.

Sturdy Locking Bolts

Eight solid steel locking bolts extend from the door frame to latch the door tightly. The bolts measure 30mm thick to resist prying attacks. Feel confident the safe remains barred shut until you enter the proper unlock code or key.


– Exterior Dimensions: 19.7 x 14.2 x 19.7 inches (35.4 x 36 x 48 cm)

– Interior Dimensions: 35.4 x 17.3 x 16.1 inches (90 x 44 x 41 cm)

– Volume: 7.2 cubic feet

– Weight: 137 pounds

– Door Thickness: 1/4 inch steel

– Fire Rating: 1700°F/60 minutes

– Locking Bolts: 8 x 30mm

– Adjustable Shelves: 1 removable shelf

– Hidden Bottom Compartment

– Mounting Hardware Included

Keep Your Essentials Secure

The Titan Extra Large Dual Keypad Home Safe provides all-around protection for your valuables. With spacious dual compartments, tough anti-theft construction, and flexible access options, store your items exactly how you need. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your irreplaceable possessions remain shielded from harm.


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