awolsrgiop Portable Welder Turntable – 110V 10KG Rotary Positioner


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Weld with precision and efficiency using the awolsrgiop 110V 10KG Portable Welder Positioner Turntable. This heavy-duty rotary table allows you to achieve accurate, repeatable welds by providing constant workpiece rotation. No more struggling to weld awkward angles and confined spaces. With an adjustable 0-90° tilting table, variable speed control, and sturdy cast iron construction, this positioner streamlines welding projects for professional and hobby welders alike.

Smooth, Steady Rotation Up to 10kg Capacity

The true beauty of the awolsrgiop positioner lies in its steady, controlled rotation. Mount your workpiece to the 10kg capacity chuck and use the foot pedal to initiate smooth 360° turning. The table rotates between 2-10 RPM, with speed controlled through a variable 1-10 dial. Slower speeds enhance welding precision on detailed jobs while higher speeds increase efficiency on long welds.

An internal DC motor provides quiet, high-torque power even under load. There’s no vibration or wobble as the positioner operates. Combined with precision-machined cast iron construction, the turntable delivers unwavering stability for superior weld consistency.

Tilt 0-90° for Ideal Weld Angles

In addition to 360 degree rotation, the table on this welding positioner tilts from 0-90° to allow welding at any angle. Use the tilt lock wrench to set the desired angle and lock it in place. Easily access hard-to-weld joints with the optimum workpiece position.

Having complete tilt capability transforms how you can utilize the turntable. Tackle inclined welds for handrails, sculptures, frames, and decorative pieces without difficult manipulation. Dial in custom angles that suit each unique project. The possibilities are endless with this 2-axis positioner.

Universal Mounting for Any Workshop

The versatility of the awolsrgiop turntable extends to its setup. The compact circular base features pre-drilled mounting holes that accept clamps, vises, anchors, and other fixturing. Use the holes to secure the positioner firmly to your workbench, assembly table, or specialized welding table.

Four rubber feet on the bottom also allow for non-permanent friction mounting. Simply placing the turntable on any flat surface holds it steady during most operations.

Overall, the intelligent design makes this rotary table quick and easy to install in any workshop. Use it as a standalone welding tool or integrate it into your existing workspace.

Ergonomic Foot Pedal Control

Operating the awolsrgiop positioner is seamless thanks to the hands-free foot pedal control. To start or stop rotation, simply press your foot on the pedal – no need to manually adjust dials or knobs between welds. This ergonomic control leaves both hands free to manage your torch and filler rod.

Having foot control enables better welding focus and consistency. The pedal is durable and heavy-duty to withstand constant shop use. Plus its long 6.6 foot cable allows flexible placement in your workspace.

Work better and smarter using the pedal to control the turntable. Eliminate disruptive breaks during long welds.

Built Strong for Demanding Work

With its 10kg capacity and industrial motor, the awolsrgiop positioner is made for heavy welding jobs. The main components utilize solid cast iron rather than plastic or aluminum. Both the turntable and triangular base offer unmatched stability even under substantial loads.

Long-lasting construction ensures this rotary table withstands even the most demanding shop use. The rugged design is perfect for high volume production welding as well as heavy-duty plate and pipe fitting. Let the positioner improve your workflow whether you’re a professional metalworker or home hobbyist.

Buy the awolsrgiop Welder Positioner Turntable for higher weld quality with less effort. Achieve precision positioning for all your projects.


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