ANTOBLE Replacement Power Cord for Dewalt 3/8″ Drills – 18 Gauge, 8 Foot Cord Compatible with DW100 to DW717 Models


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Is your Dewalt cord worn out or damaged? Avoid the hassle and expense of replacing the entire drill by getting this premium ANTOBLE replacement power cord instead. This 8 foot 18 gauge cord is designed as a direct replacement for Dewalt part number 330072-98 and fits Dewalt models DW100, DW101, DW102, DW103, and over 70 more.

Premium Materials for Safety and Durability

This ANTOBLE replacement cord is constructed using high quality 18 gauge wire and connections. The premium materials undergo rigorous testing to meet OEM standards for safety and longevity. You can trust this cord to deliver power safely and reliably to your Dewalt drill for years of continued use.

Perfect Fit and Compatibility

The ANTOBLE power cord is engineered to directly replace Dewalt part number 330072-98 used in dozens of Dewalt drill models. It feature an 8 foot length and a 2 prong plug for a perfect OEM fit. Compatible Dewalt models include:

  • DW100
  • DW101
  • DW102
  • DW103
  • DW104
  • DW105-35
  • DW106
  • DW107-35
  • DW108
  • DW110
  • DW111
  • DW116
  • DW117
  • DW120K
  • DW130
  • DW140
  • DW142
  • DW160
  • DW161
  • DW170
  • DW217
  • DW221
  • DW222
  • DW223-B3
  • DW226
  • DW231
  • DW236
  • DW245
  • DW246
  • DW250
  • DW270
  • DW281
  • DW282
  • DW284
  • DW303
  • DW313
  • DW317
  • DW321
  • DW323
  • DW362
  • DW400
  • DW505
  • DW717
  • D21002
  • D21007
  • D21008
  • D21009
  • D26441
  • D26450
  • D26451
  • D26453
  • DW7187

And many more Dewalt 3/8″ drill models. Please check your owner’s manual for proper part number identification.

Easy and Convenient Installation

Installing this replacement cord is a snap – no tools required! Simply match the terminals to your drill’s power inlet, secure the connections, and plug in the new ANTOBLE cord. Avoid the cost and hassle of replacing the entire drill thanks to this direct OEM replacement part.

Buy with Confidence and Safety

ANTOBLE replacement parts are engineered for safety and reliability. Our power cords undergo rigorous quality control testing and inspection so you can trust them to perform. We stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee – if you have any issues with fit or function, just contact us for a refund or replacement.

Don’t waste money replacing your entire Dewalt drill when this power cord goes bad. Get the convenient and affordable fix with the ANTOBLE replacement cord. Designed for a perfect OEM fit and made with premium materials to deliver years of safe and reliable power. Order now and breathe new life into your Dewalt with a high quality power cord replacement.


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