Altsuceser Portable Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting Torch Kit – Complete Gas Welder Set with Gauges, Tanks, Nozzles for Steel Brazing, Metal Fabrication


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Discover the Ultimate Portable Welding & Cutting Solution with the Altsuceser Oxyacetylene Torch Kit. This all-in-one, compact oxy-fuel welding set is ideal for light industrial environments, maintenance shops, auto repair, metal fabrication and more.

The complete oxyacetylene welding kit includes everything you need get started right out of the box. The portable dual tank carrier features a sturdy handle and heavy-duty base, allowing you to easily transport the torch set to any job site. With two high-quality brass regulators for oxygen and acetylene gas, you can accurately adjust the pressure for any application.

The full welding and cutting torch assembly is constructed from durable brass for longevity and performance. The torch handle offers a comfortable grip, while the lever-style valves provide precise gas flow control. Multiple torch tips are included to handle a wide range of metals and tasks. Easily switch between cutting, welding, heating and brazing.

With the ability to reach temperatures up to 6300°F, this versatile oxy-fuel setup can handle steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and more. Use it for:

– Welding – Join and fuse metal through coalescence
– Brazing – Join metals with filler material
– Cutting – Slice through steel up to 1 inch thick
– Shaping/Bending – Reshape and contour metal

The complete torch kit contains:

– Portable Double Tank Carrier – Holds 2 tanks and regulators
– Oxygen Gas Regulator with Gauge – Adjusts O2 flow
– Acetylene Gas Regulator with Gauge – Controls C2H2 flow
– Welding & Cutting Torch – Durable brass assembly
– Multiple Welding/Cutting Nozzles – For variety of tasks
– Flint Striker – Instantly ignites torch
– Spanner Wrenches – For changing nozzles and tips
– Safety Goggles – Protect eyes from sparks
– Oxygen Hose – 8-ft length for maneuverability
– Acetylene Hose – 8-ft length for maneuverability

With the ability to join metals and make clean cuts through steel, this oxyacetylene kit opens up limitless fabrication possibilities. Take on automotive repairs, sculpture projects, prototype development, machinery repairs, custom gates, handrails, furniture and more. The torches allow for precise pinpoint heating to bend and shape metals.

The compact all-in-one carrier and quality torch assembly offers professional capabilities for DIYers and hobbyists. No expensive welding cart required! Just fill the tanks with oxygen and fuel gas, connect the regulators and get to work.

Whether you’re a home garage warrior, artist, auto mechanic, farmer, rancher, or own a fabrication shop, the Altsuceser Portable Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting Torch Kit has you covered. The complete set with superior brass torches offers an affordable, portable and versatile welding and metalworking solution.


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