ALOANES Collapsible Magnetic Parts Tray Set – Convenient Small Parts Organizer with Powerful Double-Sided Magnets for Holding Nuts, Bolts, Screws, and Hardware


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Tired of constantly searching for loose screws, nuts, bolts, and other small metal hardware pieces when working on projects? The hassle ends now with the ALOANES Collapsible Magnetic Parts Tray Set. This ingenious yet simple small parts organizer makes it easy to keep all your hardware organized, sorted, and readily accessible with its useful double-sided magnetic design.

Features Extendable Sides for Adjustable Storage Capacity

The ALOANES magnetic tray features an innovative collapsible design that allows you to adjust the storage capacity. When collapsed, the tray measures just 0.78 inches high for easy storage. But when fully expanded, the tray extends to 2 inches high, providing ample space to hold small parts and hardware. This adjustable height gives you customizable storage options to fit your exact needs.

Built-in Powerful Double-Sided Magnets Keep Parts Securely in Place

What sets this magnetic parts tray apart is the extra-strong integrated magnets. There are two layers of thick, high-powered magnets lining the bottom which create an incredibly strong magnetic hold to keep all your hardware pieces firmly in place. The double-magnet design prevents nuts, screws, nails, and other small metal objects from slipping off easily. This ensures your parts stay neatly organized instead of scattering.

Available in a Variety of Colors for Easy Sorting and Coding

The ALOANES magnetic tray comes in an assortment of different colors, allowing you to implement a color coding system for optimal small parts organizing. Assign specific colors to certain hardware types or projects. With defined color designations, you can easily find the exact items you need among your organized collection of nuts, bolts, washers, and more. The color options also add nice visual flair.

Durable Silicone Build Stands Up to Rough Use

Constructed from premium silicone, this magnetic parts organizer is made to last. The high-quality silicone offers enhanced durability to resist abrasions and wear from regular use. Unlike plastic trays, the flexible silicone material won’t crack or split. This rugged material ensures these magnetic trays have a long useful life even with heavy-duty use.

Compact Size for Portable Small Parts Storage

The folding design allows this magnetic hardware organizer to collapse down to a fraction of its full expanded size. When folded up, the tray’s slim 0.78 inch height lets you easily tuck it away in a toolbox, drawer, or cabinet for compact storage. The lightweight tray is also easy to transfer between workspaces, making it the ideal portable solution for keeping hardware organized no matter where your projects take you.

Easy Cleanup of the Non-Porous Silicone Surface

The silicone used to construct these magnetic parts trays wipes down easily for quick cleanup. Debris, dust, and grime can be removed from the non-porous material with just a damp cloth or rinse. Maintaining the integrity of your small parts storage is hassle-free.

Reliable Heavy-Duty Magnetic Hold

While handy for holding small hardware pieces, the exceptional magnetic strength built into the base of these parts trays can also securely adhere to larger metal objects. The high-powered double magnets firmly grip onto metal toolboxes, machines, equipment, appliances, vehicles, and more to conveniently position your hardware right where you need it.

Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

ALOANES proudly stands behind these magnetic parts trays with a customer satisfaction guarantee. We are confident this small parts organizer will streamline your hardware storage and keep your nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and other metal pieces handy yet organized. However, if you are not completely satisfied, you are backed by our money-back promise when you purchase today.

Order the Gamechanging Magnetic Parts Tray Now!

Stop wasting time rummaging for loose hardware and keep your small metal parts organized with the convenience of the ALOANES Collapsible Magnetic Parts Trays. These versatile silicone organizers stick right where you need them thanks to the built-in ultra-powerful double-sided magnets. Ditch the jumbled hardware drawer and get your nuts, bolts, nails, and tools organized with a set of these magnetic trays!


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