AIRZOE 360° 1/4″ Swivel Air Hose Connector – Prevent Hose Tangling


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Tangle-Free Air Hose Connection

Tired of your air hose getting twisted and tangled while you’re working? The AIRZOE 360° swivel air hose connector allows you to easily connect your air hose while preventing annoying twists and knots.

Smooth 360° Rotation

This pneumatic fitting features a ball bearing swivel that rotates a full 360 degrees to keep your air line unravelled as you move your air tool. No more fighting against a twisted hose!

Durable Construction

Made from high quality aluminum alloy and copper, this air hose swivel fitting is built to last through tough industrial jobs. It withstands up to 145 PSI of pressure.

Universal 1/4 Inch Fit

With standard 1/4 inch female and male threads, this swivel adapter fits most air hoses, guns, nozzles, and pneumatic tools.

Prevent Hose Kinks

The rotating design eliminates kinks at connection points that can restrict airflow. Get maximum air flow to your pneumatic equipment.

Smoothly connect your air supply anywhere with the AIRZOE 360° 1/4 Inch Swivel Air Hose Connector. This tangle-free fitting rotates 360 degrees for unrestricted movement.


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