AIRCAT 4450 1/2-Inch Reversible Composite Drill Air Tool – 400 RPM Powerhouse with Superior Control


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When tough drilling and driving jobs demand raw torque and versatility, reach for the AIRCAT 4450. This heavy duty 1/2 inch air drill provides unrelenting power with precise control – the ultimate industrial-grade solution.

400 RPM 60HP Vortex Motor

At the heart of the 4450 lies an ultra-efficient 0.6HP vortex motor that churns out a relentless 400 RPM. The enclosed design maintains airflow efficiency for super-charged performance.

With 60HP of shear drilling power, the 4450 muscle through tough materials like stainless steel, aluminum, composites, hardened wood and more. Large scale construction and fabrication jobs are no match for this workhorse drill.

Variable throttle and feather touch trigger give you total control over RPM. Easily adjust speed and power for the task at hand – go slow and steady for precision work or open it up for maximum torque.

Superior Handling from Trigger to Tail

From back to front, the 4450 is thoughtfully engineered for superior handling and control.

The contoured composite housing sits naturally in your hand while resisting abrasion and shock. A side handle adds control and maneuverability for angled jobs.

Up front, a 13mm keyless chuck provides instant bit changes. Just insert any 1/2 inch hex shank bit, tighten, and you’re ready to drill.

The trigger-mounted reversing switch enables quick changes in drilling direction. And the feather touch design allows subtle control of speed. No more jarring startups at full throttle.

Quiet Tuned Exhaust

AIRCAT’s patented exhaust technology significantly reduces noise without sacrificing power. By tuning the exhaust to a specific frequency, sound energy is practically eliminated.

At just 85 decibels, the 4450 won’t leave your ears ringing after a day of drilling. And concentrated sound means less noise pollution for any shop or job site.

Superior Components

From the motor design to triggering mechanism, the 4450 utilizes top grade materials for relentless performance in harsh shop environments.

The durable composite housing withstands job site abuse while minimizing vibration. Ball bearing construction delivers smooth, efficient operation year after year.

Versatile Drilling Capabilities

With its dependable power and versatility, the 4450 tackles demanding drill/drive applications in manufacturing, construction, automotive repair, and other industries.

Blast through steel, stainless, cast iron, aluminum, PVC, composites, plywood and more. Drive large lag bolts into wood. Mix mortar and concrete with a paddle bit. Drill pilot holes or sink holes into metal. Counterbore, countersink, and ream with precision.

For home DIY warriors, it provides the power needed for drilling tough materials in garage and woodworking projects.


– 400 RPM free speed at 90 PSI
– 0.6HP Vortex motor
– 60HP of drilling torque
– 85 decibels sound level
– 1/2″ Keyless chuck
– 6.4 pound weight
– 90 PSI operation
– Ergonomic composite housing
– Feather-touch trigger

Take your drilling capabilities to the next level with the unrelenting power and control of the AIRCAT 4450. If you’re looking for an industrial grade pneumatic drill press for heavy duty use, look no further.


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