Add A Pop of Color to Your Garden With Tomaibaby Gardening Shovels – Set of 2


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Gardening and yard work just got a whole lot more fun thanks to these colorful gardening shovels from Tomaibaby. Available in a set of 2, these mini shovels come in a random assortment of cute candy colors to add cheer to any garden.

The compact 7.87 x 2.56 x 1.97 inch size is perfect for digging in smaller spaces like planters, flower beds, and container gardens. Easily scoop soil, dig holes for planting, transplant seedlings, cultivate soil, or do any other light digging jobs.

Made of sturdy metal with a flat scoop head, the mini shovel blades easily slide into soil without flexing. The ergonomic wooden handle provides comfort while you work.

Fun & Functional Gardening Tools

While these mini shovels are cute and compact, they are serious gardening tools made to handle all kinds of digging, scooping, and transplanting tasks:

– Prepare soil beds and holes for planting
– Transplant seedlings or small plants
– Weed or cultivate around plants
– Edge along borders and walkways
– Mix in fertilizer or compost
– Scoop compost or mulch
– Dig up bulbs and root vegetables
– Loosen and aerate soil

The flat scoop head and pointed tip allow you to easily scoop, dig, and slice into soil. Use them laying flat to slice weeds or tilt the shovel to leverage the sharp tip for digging holes.

With two included in each set, you’ll always have an extra handy or can share with a gardening buddy or child. The bright colors make gardening more fun and engaging for kids while also teaching them lifelong skills.

Durable Construction Built to Last

While mini in size, these gardening shovels are made of premium materials to be heavy-duty and durable:

– Rust-resistant metal scoop won’t bend, warp, or break
– Smooth flat edge effortlessly cuts into soil
– Ergonomic wooden handle provides leverage and control
– Colorful powder coating prevents rust
– Durable construction withstands outdoor use
– Hand wash only to keep them looking their best

The metal scoop maintains its shape, easily piercing into packed soil without flexing while the wooden grip gives you leverage for digging.

Compact Size & Easy Storage

At just under 8 inches long, these mini trowels are easy to use in small spaces and store when not in use. Their compact size makes them perfect for:

– Container gardening
– Urban gardening
– Fairy or mini gardens
– Terrariums
– Indoor gardening
– Kids’ gardens

Keep them handy in your gardening tool caddy or stash in a small storage bin or shelf in your potting shed or garage. The small size takes up hardly any room, so you can store multiples!

Get Gardening in Color!

Add a fun pop of color to your gardening tools with this 2-pack of mini shovels from Tomaibaby. Available in a random assortment of cute candy colors, they’ll bring a smile to your face while helping you dig, plant, scoop and more.

The compact size and pointed tip let you dig in small spaces like container and indoor gardens. Use the flat edge to slice weeds or tilt to leverage the tip for digging. Made of durable metal and wood, these shovels are built to last through many seasons of gardening.

Order your set today to add functional flair to your gardening tools!


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