ADBEN 18-Piece Car Emergency Tool Kit – Must-Have Roadside Assistance Tools for Any Driver


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Stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? Battery died and need a jump start? Locked your keys in the car (again)? Being prepared for roadside emergencies is a must for all drivers. Equip your car with the ADBEN 18-Piece Car Emergency Tool Kit to be ready for any unfortunate situation.

This all-in-one kit contains essential automotive tools for emergency repairs, extractions, and more. The heavy-duty nylon case keeps the tools protected and organized in your trunk. Simply store it and forget it – until the day comes when you desperately need it!

The Extensive 18-Piece Kit Contains:

– 4 Interior Trim Removal Tools – Safely pop off interior panels and molding without scratching
– 2 Door Wedge and Window Breaker – Provides entry if locked out of car and easy window breaking
– 4 Fastener Remover Tools – Grips and removes stuck bolts, clips, pins, and retaining rings
– 2 Mini Pry Bars – Great for prying or wedging small spaces
– 2 Mini Vise Grip Pliers – Locks on for extra gripping and turning power
– 1 Long Reach Grabber Tool – Retrieves items that have fallen into hard-to-reach spaces
– 1 Red Rescue Hammer – Shatter glass windows in case of emergency
– 1 Portable Storage Bag – Organizes tools for easy storage and transportation

Safely Remove Interior Trim Pieces
The 4 trim removal tools pop off panels, badges, molding, door panels and more without marring the surfaces. Carefully work around speaker covers, window and seat adjusters, and other fragile components. Each tool has a unique end to match different clip styles.

Gain Emergency Entry with Wedge & Hammer
Being locked out of your vehicle is frustrating and sometimes dangerous if you are stranded. Use the sturdy metal wedge to create a gap and pop the lock. If you need to shatter a window to get in, the spring-loaded carbide tip hammer easily breaks tempered glass.

Remove Annoying Fasteners with Specialty Tools
4 different extractor tools target stuck clips, bolts, screws, pins and rings. The unique ends grip and turn stuck fasteners to loosen without stripping. Use on interior panels, wiring harnesses, brake components and more.

Reach Farther with Extendable Grabber
Dropped your phone under the seat again? The extra long reach grabber extends your arm to pick up items that have fallen into cracks and crevices. Opens to 25 inches long. Metal grabber tip “claws” firmly clamp down on the item.

Prepared Drivers Stay Safe
Equip your vehicle with the necessary tools before problems occur by ordering the ADBEN 18-Piece Car Emergency Tool Kit today. Well-built tools in a compact case provide peace of mind for drivers of any experience level. Add to your roadside assistance kit or give as a gift to new teen drivers. Be prepared for flat tires, dead batteries, and other common issues to get back on the road quickly. Stay safe in any situation with the right tools for the job.


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