Abrasive Cleaning Stick – 2 Pack 8″ Rubber Sanding Belt and Disc Cleaner


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Tired of having your sanding belts and discs get clogged with debris, reducing their effectiveness? Introducing the Abrasive Cleaning Stick, the ultimate solution for cleaning and restoring abrasive surfaces. This two pack of 8″ cleaning sticks is a must-have for any woodworking shop or metal workshop.

All-Natural Rubber Eraser Material

The cleaning stick is constructed from high quality, all-natural rubber – no synthetic materials or fillers. The natural rubber material has just the right texture and abrasiveness to remove built-up grime without harming the grit on sanding belts and discs.

Specially Designed for Abrasive Cleaning

While it resembles a common pencil eraser, this stick is specially formulated for cleaning abrasives like sandpaper, sanding belts, sanding discs, and sanding drums. Simply hold the cleaning stick perpendicular against the moving abrasive surface to remove loaded particles and debris.

Extend the Life of Sanding Belts and Discs

As you use sanding belts and discs, they accumulate sawdust, wood resin, metal filings, paint, and other gunk. This buildup clogs the grit, reducing the belt’s cutting action. The Abrasive Cleaning Stick removes this buildup, clearing clogged grit and restoring the sanding surface to like-new condition. This allows you to get the maximum usable life out of each of your sanding belts and discs.

Works on All Types of Abrasives

The Abrasive Cleaning Stick can be used on any type of abrasive media – aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, ceramic, and more. It’s effective on sanding belts, discs, drums, sleeves, and sheets. It works equally well on stationary or moving abrasives.

Safe for All Grits

From coarse 40 grit to fine 2000 grit sandpaper, this cleaning stick safely removes loading without disturbing the abrasive grains or wearing them down prematurely. The rubber cleanly releases packed sawdust and particles without damaging the cutting action of the grit.

Removes Pitch, Sap, and Resin

When sanding wood, resin and sap can quickly build up on abrasive media, rendering it useless. The Abrasive Cleaning Stick is uniquely effective at removing sticky wood pitch and sap that clogs sandpaper and belts. Bring new life back to gummed-up sanding belts.

Cleans Other Workshop Equipment

In addition to cleaning sanding accessories, this stick can be used to remove metal shavings from machine tools, clean paint from spray guns, or scrub sticky adhesives from jigs and fixtures. The natural rubber easily wipes away grime from a variety of workshop equipment.

Superior to Brushes and Picks

Brushes and hand picks can rip sandpaper and damage grit. Picking by hand is tedious and time consuming. This cleaning stick quickly restores clogged abrasives without harming the grit or backing. The angled shape makes it easy to apply even pressure across the entire sanding surface.

Long 8″ Size

The 8 inch length allows you to clean wider sanding belts and larger disc sanders with ease. The generous size also gives you a good grip, making it comfortable and easy to handle during use. Two sticks are included in each pack for plenty of cleaning power.

Works on More Than Just Sanding Accessories

The Abrasive Cleaning Stick has a myriad of other uses around the shop and home:

  • Removes gunk from skateboard grip tape
  • Cleans burrs and debris from metal parts
  • Smooths and cleans rubber gaskets and seals
  • Removes scuff marks from floors and walls
  • Cleans eraser ends of pencils and pens
  • Removes stuck on residue from pots, pans, and cookware
  • Scrubs dirt from tires, wheels, and rims

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind this product with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund or replacement.

Stop throwing away perfectly good sanding accessories once they’ve become clogged and loaded. Restore them to like-new condition with the Abrasive Cleaning Stick. This simple rubber tool will save you time and money in the shop. Add it to your cart today!


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