A-iPower SC2500i Ultra-Quiet 2500W Portable Inverter Generator


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Experience clean, stable power for your home, worksite or outdoor adventures with the A-iPower SC2500i portable inverter generator. Powered by an advanced Yamaha engine, this ultra-quiet generator provides 2500 starting watts and 2000 running watts of power, making it ideal for backing up home essentials and sensitive electronics during outages.

Advanced Inverter Technology

This A-iPower generator utilizes advanced inverter technology to produce safe, stable power with less than 3% total harmonic distortion (THD). This clean electricity is safe for sensitive devices like smartphones, laptops, TVs, microwaves and power tools that can be damaged by unstable power sources.

The inverter generator produces pure sine wave power just like you get from the grid, ensuring seamless performance from your electronics without disruption. You’ll get the clean electricity you need whether you’re powering your home backup, worksite tools or RV equipment.

Ultra-Quiet 52dB Operation

Thanks to its innovative design, this portable generator operates at just 52 dB, quieter than an average conversation. You can hold meetings or talk at camp without raising your voice over the generator. The ultra-quiet performance makes this unit ideal for use in neighborhoods, campsites and noise-sensitive areas.

Powered by Reliable Yamaha Engine

Under the hood, the SC2500i generator features an advanced OHV Yamaha engine with a cast iron cylinder liner for improved durability and heat dissipation. The high-performance 80cc Yamaha engine provides excellent fuel efficiency, lower emissions and increased longevity compared to cheaper engines.

You’ll enjoy years of reliable power thanks to the proven reliability of Yamaha engines. Rest assured the durable construction will hold up to frequent use during power outages, outdoor adventures and at worksites.

Flex Fuel Capability

This generator offers flexibility to use either gasoline or propane fuel, providing more options to power your equipment anywhere. The tri-fuel capability lets you choose between fuel sources based on availability and convenience.

Extended Run Time

With its compact 1.1 gallon fuel tank, the SC2500i generator delivers an impressive 9 hours of run time at 25% load. This provides extended power for overnight use or through prolonged outages. The efficient engine has automatic low oil shut-off to prevent damage from low fuel.

Easy Transport & Storage

The portable design makes it simple to move the 48 lb generator where you need power. The foldable handle and built-in wheels let you roll the unit like luggage for easy transport. Compact dimensions of 20” x 11” x 16” allow convenient storage in small spaces.

Intuitive Control Panel

The advanced control panel features illuminated indicator lights, digital data center, economy mode switch and parallel operation outlets. You’ll enjoy convenient power options including two 120V household outlets, two USB ports, a 12V DC outlet and an L5-30R RV outlet.

Parallel Capable

For increased power, you can connect two SC2500i units together using the parallel operation kit. This doubles your available power to 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts to handle larger loads.


This versatile A-iPower inverter generator is great for:

– Back up power during storms and outages
– RV and trailer electrical supply
– Camping and tailgating power
– Job sites and DIY projects
– Outdoor events and gatherings
– Emergency home backup


– Starting Watts: 2500
– Running Watts: 2000
– Voltage: 120V
– Frequency: 60 Hz
– Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane (tri-fuel)
– Engine: Yamaha 80cc OHV
– Noise Level: 52 dB
– Dimensions: 20” x 11” x 16”
– Weight: 48 pounds

Reliable Power Anywhere

With advanced inverter technology, ultra-quiet performance and Yamaha engine reliability, the A-iPower SC2500i generator provides clean, stable electricity for almost any need. Experience the peace of mind of having backup power or portable power ready for outdoor fun. Don’t wait until the next storm to get the electrical backup you need. Order the A-iPower SC2500i today!


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