5 Piece Air Hammer Kit – Pneumatic Chisels and Bits Set for Metal Fabrication, Riveting, and More


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Take on heavy-duty metal working jobs with this versatile 5 piece pneumatic air hammer kit. The set contains 4 hardened steel air hammer bits plus a spring retainer – everything you need to start riveting, shaping, and fabricating metal.

The included air hammer bits feature high strength alloy steel construction and a durable coating to resist wear. Bits measure 10mm (0.4″) in shank diameter to fit most air hammers, rivet busters, and scaling guns.

Kit Contains:

– Flat Chisel – Use for scaling rust and paint, cutting sheet metal, or scraping surfaces. Measures 1.57″ wide x 5.12″ long overall.

– Pointed Chisel – Make indentations in metal or break up concrete and stone. 1.57″ wide x 5.12″ long.

– Bull Point Chisel – The rounded point concentrates force for driving rivets and making marks. 1.57″ x 5.12″ size.

– Scabbler – Features a serrated edge to roughen surfaces for painting/coating prep. 1.57″ x 5.12″.

– Retaining Spring – Helps keep bits firmly in place during use. Fits 0.401″ (10mm) shank tools.

The assorted tip shapes allow these air hammers to take on a wide range of fabrication, construction, and maintenance jobs. Use them to:

– Set rivets
– Shape and form sheet metal
– Remove paint, rust, and gaskets
– Cut bolts or sheet metal
– Chip away concrete and stone
– Remove burrs and weld seams
– Rough up surfaces for painting or coating

Durable Construction:

The air hammer bits in this kit feature hardened steel construction to handle repeated impact without shattering or deforming. The specialized heat treatment helps them retain a sharp cutting edge. A black oxide finish resists corrosion and wear over time.

Compatible Air Tools:

These 0.401″ (10mm) shank accessories fit most air hammers, rivet busters, scaler guns, and other pneumatic tools with a standard 0.401″ chuck. Make sure your tool uses this size shank before ordering.

For Tough Jobs:

Don’t waste time trying to muscle through metal working tasks manually. These air hammer chisels and bits allow you to punch, cut, and shape metal with the power of compressed air. Focus the concentrated hammering action where you need it.

Whether you’re a metal worker, mechanic, or home DIYer, this air hammer kit provides the bites you need for riveting, scaling paint, breaking concrete, removing gaskets, cutting sheet metal, and any other tough job that requires percussion. The included spring helps retain bits during vigorous use.

Order this 5 piece air hammer set today to add hard hitting pneumatic power to your metal fabrication projects!


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