3M Speedglas Welding Face Seal 27-0099-28 – Essential Replacement Face Seal for 3M Speedglas 9100MP Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets


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Take on demanding welding jobs in comfort and clarity with the 3M Speedglas Welding Face Seal 27-0099-28. This replacement face seal restores the tight seal and optical clarity of your 3M Speedglas 9100MP auto-darkening welding helmet.

Engineered by the trusted leader in welding PPE, this face seal meets strict 3M quality standards for exceptional durability, visibility, and long-lasting comfort.

Restore the Seal on Your 3M Speedglas 9100MP Welding Helmet

Over time, the sealing surface of your 3M Speedglas 9100MP welding helmet can wear down from frequent use and exposure to spatter, reducing its effectiveness.

The 3M Speedglas Face Seal 27-0099-28 replaces the original sealing surface to restore a tight seal between the auto-darkening lens and your face. This preserves the optical clarity of your view and prevents distractions from outside light leaking in.

Designed specifically for the popular 9100MP model, this face seal attaches easily with the original screws. Just swap it out in minutes to refresh the fit and function of your 3M Speedglas welding helmet.

Exceptional Comfort for Long Welding Sessions

In addition to an airtight seal, this Speedglas face seal provides exceptional comfort for marathon welding jobs.

The multi-layered, woven material conforms closely to your face for a custom fit that won’t pinch or cause irritation. Soft, hypoallergenic fabric touches your skin to reduce contact stress.

Vents along the seal circulate fresh air to help keep you cool and prevent visor fogging in hot welding environments. The silicone-free materials won’t react with skin.

Optical Clarity for Precision Welding

With premium 3M optics, the viewing window in this Speedglas welding face seal provides true color clarity and visual accuracy. The high optical quality ensures distortion-free vision so you can see your weld puddle precisely.

Lightweight polycarbonate and anti-scratch coatings stand up to spatter damage to maintain clear sightlines and protect your eyes. The viewing area offers a wide field of vision for monitoring your surroundings as you work.

Reliable Protection from Errant Sparks

In addition to sealing out ambient light, the 3M Speedglas Face Seal 27-0099-28 provides essential protection from sparks and spatter.

Made from flame-resistant aramid fabrics, this face seal acts as a barrier against hot sparks and debris. The snug fit around your face prevents particles from bouncing up under the helmet and into your eyes or face.

This added protection allows you to focus fully on the task at hand without distractions.

Designed for Durability and Long Service Life

Like all 3M Speedglas welding gear, this replacement face seal is engineered for longevity and rugged use in professional welding environments.

The rugged fabrics stand up against constant friction from helmet adjustment without fraying or tearing. Stitched seams add reinforcement against rips and pulls during everyday use.

Replace your face seal periodically as part of routine PPE maintenance to extend the usable life of your 3M Speedglas auto-darkening helmet.

Trusted Quality from the 3M Speedglas Brand

For over 50 years, 3M has pioneered technologies to advance welding safety. Speedglas auto-darkening filters first revolutionized welding head and eye protection.

This replacement face seal lives up to the high standards synonymous with 3M Speedglas welding helmets. It’s an OEM part designed for a perfect fit and seamless performance with your existing headgear.

Choose genuine 3M quality and clarity to get the most out of your Speedglas 9100MP welding helmet. Keep your face protected and your sightlines clear with the Speedglas Welding Face Seal 27-0099-28.

Product Highlights:

– Replacement face seal for the 3M Speedglas 9100MP auto-darkening welding helmet
– Restores tight seal between lens and face to block ambient light
– Multi-layered, woven fabric for lasting comfort during extended welding
– Soft, hypoallergenic silicone-free materials for irritation-free contact
– Wide viewing area with anti-scratch coated lens for optical clarity
– Flame-resistant construction provides protection from sparks and spatter
– Genuine OEM 3M Speedglas part for guaranteed fit and performance
– Replace periodically as part of routine PPE maintenance


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