3M Speedglas G5-01 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Starter Kit


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Keep Your 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet Performing Like New with This Convenient Starter Kit

If you own the 3M Speedglas G5-01 heavy duty welding helmet, this starter kit is a must-have. It contains common replacement parts to keep your helmet working properly for years to come.

Contains Vital Replacement Parts

This starter kit contains:

– 2 outer protection plates
– 2 inner protection plates
– 1 sweatband
– 1 headband
– 1 seal for ADF (auto darkening filter)

These are parts that commonly need replacement over time. The outer and inner protection plates guard your filter from spatter and damage. The sweatband and headband maximize comfort during long welding sessions. And the ADF seal prevents light leakage for optimal viewing.

Having these replacement parts on hand means less downtime if something needs changed out. Keep spares handy so you can get back to welding quickly.

Designed Specifically for the G5-01 Helmet

This is not a generic starter kit. All included parts are engineered specifically for the 3M Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet. They restore the helmet to like-new performance.

The outer and inner plates provide the same rugged protection as the originals. The sweatband and headband deliver all-day comfort just like when your helmet was new. And the ADF seal blocks light for crisp, accurate viewing of your weld puddle.

With original replacement parts, you won’t have to compromise protection or optical clarity. Your helmet performs like the day you bought it.

High-Quality 3M Construction

These are authentic 3M parts, not cheap imitations. You get the same durability and reliability 3M is known for. The protective plates resist damage from spatter and sparks. The headband retains flexibility even with regular use. And the seals maintain their light-blocking integrity over time.

Don’t settle for generic off-brand parts. This starter kit contains high-quality components engineered by 3M to optimize your helmet. Keep your Speedglas G5-01 performing like new with genuine replacement parts.

Restore Optical Clarity

One of the big advantages of your auto-darkening filter (ADF) is the crisp, accurate view it provides of your weld area. But over time, protection plates get scratched and seals can degrade. That’s when clarity starts to suffer.

With the parts in this starter kit, you can restore the optical clarity that makes your G5-01 helmet a pleasure to wear. New protection plates give you scratch-free viewing. And the fresh ADF seal blocks stray light that could cause glare or reflections.

See every detail of your weld puddle again, for precision work and reduced eye strain.

Maximize Comfort

Welding helmets aren’t always comfortable, especially after hours of use. The sweatband and headband in this kit help you stay cooler and prevent pressure points.

The sweatband absorbs moisture to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. Stay focused on your work, not on forehead irritation. The headband retains its flex and conforms nicely to your head for a personalized fit. Reduce fatigue by maximizing the ergonomics of your Speedglas helmet.

The Starter Kit You Need

This collection contains the most commonly replaced parts for the 3M Speedglas G5-01. Keep your investment protected and performing at its best with these vital components.

Whether you need to replace worn parts now or want spares on hand, this kit has you covered. Your helmet is too important to welder safety and productivity to neglect. Keep it in top shape for the best welding experience.

Kit Contains:

  • 2 Outer Protection Plates
  • 2 Inner Protection Plates
  • 1 Sweatband
  • 1 Headband
  • 1 ADF Seal

Rely on 3M Quality

3M is synonymous with quality and innovation in safety equipment. Trust your helmet and your eyesight to genuine 3M parts. The components in this starter kit help the Speedglas G5-01 perform to its high standards for years of reliable service.

Don’t settle for generic parts when you can get authentic 3M for a few dollars more. This kit ships fast from Amazon so you can start maintaining your helmet right away. Keep your Speedglas G5-01 in optimal condition and make your welding job safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Protect Your Investment

You invested in a premium auto-darkening welding helmet to protect yourself and do quality work. Don’t negate the benefits by allowing worn parts to compromise performance. Be proactive with maintenance.

This starter kit provides the common replacement components that keep your helmet functioning like new. Protect your investment in this high-tech safety equipment. The small upfront cost delivers significant long-term value by extending the usable life of your helmet.

The G5-01’s advanced optics, rugged durability and customizable comfort make every welding job easier. Keep enjoying those benefits for years to come with replacement parts made specifically for your helmet.

Be Proactive on Safety

Worn parts compromise the safety your Speedglas helmet provides. Degraded outer plates leave your ADF vulnerable to spatter damage. And seals that lose their light-blocking ability force you to stare into glare.

Don’t take chances with your eye protection. Be proactive about maintenance. Replace components before they wear out completely. Your eyesight is precious, take care of it.

This starter kit helps you stay on top of replacing common parts. Do quick, periodic maintenance checks and change components at the first sign of wear. Your proactive approach to safety will pay off over your entire welding career.


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