360° Smart Protection for Your Home and Yard with LaView 1080P Outdoor Security Camera


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Keep a watchful eye on your home day and night with the LaView 1080P HD Outdoor WiFi Security Camera. This smart pan/tilt camera provides 360° coverage with smooth rotation, letting you monitor every corner of your property. With crisp 1080P video, 30 feet of night vision, motion alerts, IP65 weatherproofing, and easy smartphone control, the LaView camera is the ideal choice for full home and yard security.

Pan and Tilt for Full 360° Coverage

The LaView security camera rotates a full 360° horizontally and tilts 110° vertically, eliminating blindspots. Check in on your kids playing in the backyard, keep an eye on deliveries, and make sure no one is snooping around the perimeters of your home. Pan and tilt remotely using the mobile app to scan the area and zoom in on anything suspicious. Extra-smooth motorized movement allows you to track motion for optimal surveillance.

Crystal Clear 1080P HD Video

With a high-quality 1080P lens, this WiFi outdoor camera captures your property in remarkable detail during the daytime. See faces, license plates, package labels, and other fine details clearly in the live view. Play back recorded video evidence in full high definition after an event. Even when zoomed in on the footage, the image stays sharp.

Advanced Night Vision

After dark, the camera’s night vision technology kicks in, providing black and white surveillance up to 30 feet away. Infrared LEDs are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but allow the camera to keep watch even in pitch blackness. Keep your home protected around the clock.

Smart Motion Detection Alerts

Detect and deter intruders with intelligent motion detection capabilities. Customizable motion zones let you set up alerts for key areas while ignoring unimportant motion like trees blowing. Activity alerts deliver notifications straight to your smartphone when the camera detects people, cars, and general motion. Real-time alerts let you respond immediately to anything suspicious on your property.

Two-Way Talk Security Intercom

The built-in microphone and speaker allows you to talk through the camera using the smartphone app. Remotely yell at stray dogs, instruct delivery drivers, or communicate with visitors at your doorstep. The two-way audio feature turns the security camera into an intercom for your property. Listen closely for any concerning noises too.

Quick Mobile Setup and Control

Connecting and controlling this WiFi security camera couldn’t be easier. Just download the free app on your iOS or Android device, scan the QR code on the camera, and connect it to your 2.4GHz home wireless network. View and manage video right from your phone, from anywhere. Set up instant notifications, playback recordings, share access, and more.

Local and Cloud Video Storage

Store video evidence both locally and in the cloud for double redundancy. A built-in microSD card slot supports memory cards up to 64GB. Continuous and motion recording options are available. For offsite protection, activate the free cloud storage and your recordings will also be saved privately online. If anything happens to the camera or SD card, your video is still safe in the cloud.

Rugged and Weather Resistant

Designed to withstand the elements, the LaView security camera has an IP65 weatherproof rating. The housing protects against rainstorms, sprinklers, high humidity, and dust. Operate in temperatures ranging from 14°F to 113°F while maintaining peak performance. Mount it anywhere outside, worry-free.

Privacy Control

Take charge of your security and privacy. User authentication and data encryption keep your video feeds and recordings private and inaccessible by others. There are no monthly fees associated with using the camera or viewing your recordings, so your data remains in your control. Share access with family and friends with ease.

Smart Home Compatible

Integrate this outdoor security camera into your smart home ecosystem for enhanced automation and control. The camera works with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient voice commands. Set it up once and then just ask Alexa to show you the front door, backyard, etc.

complete WiFi security for the inside and out

For full property protection, pair this outdoor camera with one of LaView’s indoor WiFi cameras for the ultimate home surveillance solution. Monitor interior spaces and all of your exterior access points seamlessly using one intuitive mobile app. Bring peace of mind home with LaView.


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