3 Cub Home Safe Box – Fireproof and Waterproof Security Safe with Digital Keypad, Built-In Lock Box, Removable Shelf, LED Light – Keep Valuables Protected from Fire, Theft, and Damage


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Keep your valuables protected from fire, theft, and damage with the 3 Cub Home Safe Box. This high security safe is built with multiple layers of fireproof and waterproof materials to withstand temperatures up to 4200°F for 1 hour and is verified to meet or exceed UL Class 350 1-Hour fire protection standards. The sturdy steel body withstands break-in attempts, while the digital keypad and live-locking bolts keep your items secured inside.

Fireproof and Waterproof Protection You Can Trust

At the core of this safe is a unique 8-layer material that creates a protective barrier against fire and water. It can withstand temperatures up to 4200°F for up to 1 hour without internal damage. The contents inside will remain protected from smoke, soot, and water. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your valuables are shielded from home fires and floods.

Tough Exterior Withstands Break-In Attempts

The solid steel body, concealed hinges, seamless door, and 7 live-locking bolts make this safe extremely pry and drill resistant. Attempts to punch the keypad or drill through the door are thwarted by the sturdy construction. The locking bolts extend deep into the frame when closed, preventing forced entry. Keep valuables protected against smash and grab burglaries.

Digital Keypad for Convenient Access

A digital keypad provides secure and convenient access to the safe without keys. Program your own 4-8 digit passcode for quick access by authorized users. Enjoy the ease of keyless entry – no more fumbling for keys! Wrong passcode entries trigger a beeping alarm. Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

Interior Lock Box for Added Security

The safe includes a removable inner lock box – perfect for storing handguns, jewelry, cash, or other high value items that need an extra layer of security. The box features a separate key lock to limit access. And the leather interior protects valuable contents from scratches.

Customizable Storage with Removable Shelf

Maximize your safe’s storage potential with the adjustable/removable shelf. Configure the interior to accommodate rifles, handguns, ammo, jewelry, cash, documents, external hard drives, and other valuables. The door has built-in hooks for hanging keys neatly inside too.

LED Light Makes Items Easy to Find

A built-in LED light illuminates the interior when you open the door or enter the passcode. Find what you need even in low light conditions. No more fumbling around in the dark! Runs on included watch batteries.

Emergency Override Access

A backup key is included in case you forget the passcode or the batteries run out. This lets you access the safe in an emergency so your valuables remain retrievable. The safe also includes pre-drilled holes for permanently mounting to the floor or wall for added security.

Fireproof, waterproof, pry-resistant, and portable – the 3 Cub Home Safe Box is the ultimate way to secure your valuables at home or in the office. Order today to keep your items protected and give yourself peace of mind.


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