2-Pack Replacement Batteries for Milwaukee M12 Tools – Extended Run Time for Cordless Power Tools


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Keep your Milwaukee M12 tools running at peak performance with this 2-pack of high capacity replacement batteries. Each long lasting battery is fully compatible with all Milwaukee M12 cordless power tools, delivering the runtime you need to take on the toughest jobs.

The package includes one 6.5Ah battery and one 3.5Ah battery to cover lighter duty tasks or tools that require lower voltage. The batteries are designed to be identical to original Milwaukee equipment in fit and functionality.

With advanced lithium ion cells, safe construction and intelligent protection features, these batteries will keep you working efficiently job after job. Never stop a project short again!

Battery Specs:

– Type: Lithium-ion
– Voltage: 12V
– Capacities: 6.5Ah and 3.5Ah
– Rechargeable
– High quality cells
– Pack of 2 batteries

Fully Compatible Replacements

These replacement batteries are engineered to be 100% compatible with all Milwaukee M12 cordless power tools. They serve as direct replacements for Milwaukee models 4811-2401, 4811-2402, 4811-2420, 4811-2430, 4811-2440, 4811-2460, 4811-2411 and 4811-2412.

The batteries deliver the perfect fit, voltage and performance for drills, saws, lights, sanders and any other Milwaukee M12 tools you depend on for the job. Get your existing power tools up and running with fresh new power.

Advanced Lithium Ion Cells

At the core of these replacement batteries are high-performance lithium ion cells. They have been carefully engineered to provide efficient, reliable and safe power just like the originals.

The advanced cells deliver improved charge cycles, longer runtimes, and constant voltage/current output – even in heavy duty conditions. Expect cordless tool performance that keeps up with the demands on the jobsite.

No Memory Effect

Don’t worry about losing charging capacity over time. These lithium ion batteries have no memory effect whatsoever.

You can recharge the batteries whenever needed without capacity loss. There’s also no need to run down the battery before recharging – simply power up whenever convenient. Keep your M12 tools ready for action with a fresh battery.

Intelligent Protection System

Safety comes first, which is why these replacement batteries include built-in protection. The intelligent system monitors against common issues like overcharging, over-discharging, over-voltage, over-current and short circuits.

When abnormal conditions are detected, the battery automatically shuts down to prevent potential damage. You can charge and use these batteries with total peace of mind.

Certified Safe and Reliable

Extensive testing ensures these replacement batteries perform to the highest standards for safety, efficiency and durability.

The batteries are CE, FCC and RoHS certified to match OEM specifications. Rest assured you’re getting proven power solution you can trust for all your Milwaukee M12 tools.

Warranty and Returns

We stand behind these batteries with a 12-month warranty and 30-day free return policy. Our helpful customer service team is available 24/7 if you have any issues.

Invest in the battery power your Milwaukee M12 system deserves. Keep your tools running strong job after job with fresh lithium ion power!

Compatible Milwaukee M12 Tools Include:

– Drills
– Drivers
– Saws
– Sanders
– Grinders
– Rotary Tools
– Impact Drivers
– Impact Wrenches
– Ratchets
– Flashlights
– Inspection Cameras
– Radio Chargers
– And More!


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