10-Piece O-Ring Hook & Pick Set – Heat-Treated Steel Tools for Removing Oil Seals & Gaskets During Car Maintenance


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Tackle the most stubborn oil seals, gaskets, and O-rings during automotive repairs and maintenance with this versatile 10-piece O-ring hook and pick set. Built from heat-treated, chrome vanadium steel, each precision-engineered tool provides the ideal combination of strength, rust resistance, and maneuverability.

This O-ring tool set is specially designed to provide mechanics with greater control and efficiency when removing or installing delicate seals during engine rebuilds and other intricate car repairs. The collection of hooks, flat blades, curved picks, and angled tools in multiple sizes ensures you have the perfect shape on hand for navigating any tight space or stubborn component.

Robust Strength You Can Rely On

Don’t waste time wrestling with flimsy, easily bent picks that fail to get the job done. Each tool in this professional-grade set is constructed from hardened CR-V steel to provide over 200 pounds of pulling force.

The durable chrome vanadium blades resist corrosion and rust, even with heavy use over time. Whether you need to pry, scrape, hook or maneuver around a variety of seals, gaskets and pins, you can trust these shop-tough tools to securely grip without warping or snapping.

Comfortable, Balanced Handling

Repetitive motions and cramped angles during intricate auto repairs can quickly lead to hand strain. But the ergonomic handles on these O-ring picks and hooks help reduce fatigue for mechanics.

Each grip is specially contoured to fit comfortably in your hand, providing proper balance and control. The textured, non-slip surface gives you a firm, steady hold through long work sessions. Take on stubborn O-rings and seals without hand cramps slowing you down.

10 Specialized Tool Shapes for Versatile Use

A mechanic’s toolset isn’t complete without a variety of O-ring removal tools. This 10-piece kit equips you with an assortment of uniquely contoured picks and hooks for handling any seal replacement or installation job.

The set includes:

– 90 degree pick -Ideal for O-rings in hard-to-reach areas

– 45 degree pick – Hooks under seals in tight spaces

– Straight pick – Reaches into crevices & grips pins

– 90 degree hook – Grabs slippery O-rings

– 45 degree hook – Pries under seals with ease

– Straight hook – Great for stretching O-rings during installation

– Large hook – Effortlessly pulls seals off components

– Small hook – Navigates precision tasks

– Large pick – Extra reach & strength for stubborn O-rings

– Small pick – Maneuvers in minute spaces

Organized Storage for Quick Access

Don’t waste precious time searching for tools – keep this O-ring pick and hook set organized and ready to go with the included zippered vinyl storage case. Custom-designed to fit all 10 pieces, the heavy-duty bag protects the set from dust and debris when not in use.

The compact case with handle fits neatly in a toolbox drawer or on a workspace shelf. You’ll always know exactly where the right O-ring tool is when tackling your next professional automotive repair or routine DIY maintenance job.

Order your 10-piece O-ring pick and hook set today to make short work of even the most difficult oil seal and gasket removal jobs. The hardened steel precision tools come conveniently organized in a portable case – everything you need for efficient O-ring repairs right at your fingertips.


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